Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wow,this is incredible.Guyz,take a look @ this potrait.

can you ever believe that thousands of coffee stains made this potrait...this is so creative.i luv it.

If you also love it,post your comments below.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How Kabiru Sokoto escaped.

Senate, yesterday, gave an insight into how Kabiru Umar alias Kabiru Sokoto, alleged mastermind of theChristmas day bombing of St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Mandalla, Niger State, escaped from police custody.
Submitting the report of Senate Committee on Police Affairs to the Senate yesterday, Chairman of the Committee, Senator Igwe Nwaga told the Senate that the committee discovered that the escape of Sokoto was made possible due to the mob action spearheaded

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lion kills two herdsmen in Yobe state.

A lion has killed two herders and 30 livestock in a settlement in Yobe State, the environment commissioner said Tuesday.
“We have a lion on the rampage which has so far killed two people and around 30 herd”, Ahmed Wakil Sarki said.
He said the lion attacked the settlement on the edge of a forest in Gujba district, 30 kilometres (20 miles) from the state capital Damaturu on Monday.

Pant thief:man steals 11,000 women panties.

This is really crazy, ok let me say funny and at the same time so crazy. When people are having good hobbies,this man's hobby is just stealing women's sick! He actually started this pant theft @

More revelations about the boko haram sect: cars used for bombings are usually snatched-Abu Qaqa.

Spokesman of Islamic sect, Boko Haram, Mallam Abu Qaqa, who is in the custody of Department of State Security, DSS, has reportedly told his interrogators that the cars members of the sect use for suicide missions were usually snatched at gun point from the owners.
He said: “We snatch such vehicles at gun point. We use the less exotic ones for suicide bombings and just load vehicles with bombs, drive them near our target, park, get out and leave them to explode thereafter.”

Monday, 20 February 2012

22 year old man marries 68 year old german woman.

I must really apologize for posting this stale story.i've not been into real blogging of late because i've been packing ma things,getting set for school. Hope ma apologies accepted????
Yes,let's enter the gist for the moment.i'm sure y'all can see this pic with your two eyes.infact,nothing wey man no go hear 4 diz world.22 year old man marries that 68 year old germam madam.ush! What is he looking for there in the first place.i'm sure he must be an igbo guy.appologies to all igbo readers. He claims he loves the woman. Na lie jo, he's after her money. I was actually speaking to somebody about this,she said that the guy has sense, he knows that after the woman might have died or something,he'll now take all her possession and settle for a nice good looking chik.........or guys,whats your view on this?

Woman stabs husband over baby food and pampers in lagos.

Wicked world indeed......just because Mr Ifeanyi Anaekwe complained of insufficient kudi(money) to buy pampers and baby food for their new baby, the wife,mrs Chikodili stabbed him forgetting that when there is life, there is hope. Their neighbours said they heard when the

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another car explosion storms Niger state.

A car bomb has exploded outside a Church during the Sunday service in Suleja, Niger state, wounding five people.
One person was seriously injured in the blast and has being rushed to the hospital while four others sustained minor injuries.
According to eye witness account, the bomb had been wrapped with a motorcycle chain, and