Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mo'hits records presents Dbanj live in New york.

Dbanj will be performing with the Mo'hits crew live @ Irving plaza,New york in USA on the 19th of february,2012.

Kanu Nwankwo and wife,Amara expects third child.

kanu Nwankwo has proved his ability as a star player indeed.This he proved to us while on the physical field and now he is doing the same on the marital field.....Nice one,i wonder who his coach is anyway....*winks*.Kanu and Amara who already have two boys are expecting their third child.I hope its going to be another boy......#Good luck papilo#

‘That Stupid Song’ Premieres On BET 106 & Park

Nigerian soul-jazzartiste Bez is set to make history as he will be the firstAfrican who's video will make a world premiere on BET's 106 & Park.Bez featured one of nigeria's fast growing artiste,praiz.The video is going to drop on the channel tomorrow,1st of february,2012.....#Thumbs up guyz,thumbs up Nigeria#

ASUU not ready to call off strike.

The president of the Academic staff union of universities,prof. Ukachukwu Awuzie has stated that the strike won't be called off anytime soon,so all this rumours that the strike will be called off are just noises......But lets look deep into this now,this is so unfair,what does ASUU want and what has FG not given them.As @ yesterday,student's expectations were high with the hope that everything will soon be over,but now they have dashed our hope again.Why,ehn........*sobs*

Al mustapha's family shocked about yesterday's verdict.

Thefamily of Major Hamza Al-Mustapha was shocked after yesterday's verdict @ the lagos high court. Hadi Al-Mustapha spoke for the family and he said some things that cause 4 rethink. His words were...."We strongly believe in the judiciary as the last hope of the common man,but I must confess to you that we are shocked by this verdict.But in every situation, we should give glory to Almighty Allah," he said.Hadi Al Mustapha, hinted"the only thing I can tell you is that we are going on appeal and we will be vindicated at last, I promise you.he also said that for almost 13yrs now,his brother had been tried with many others,but where are the others now...'discharged and acquitted',so why is his brother's own different.He said they are still going to make appeal.I just hope this whole thing won't turn out in their favour,because anything can happen in naija o.

Ladies tell Nollywood star,mcsmith ochendo to dump his girlfriend.

This is mcsmith ochendo,a nollywood actor.reports reaching us have it that his girlfriend wants him to stop acting,stop singing and to shave off his dreadlocks before he can marry her......can you imagine? Mtcheew.many ladies have called him telling him to dump his gf...well,wat i have to tell the girlfriend is that she should better not slack...'galz are many out there o'.....

Laff ur ass out!

Yeah,for most of u that wishes to compose some very unique luv letters 4 ur.....,i fink this is a gud guideline......lolzzzz.

A First Class Mathematics Student wrote this Love letter to his girlfriend....Dear Love,Yesterday, I was passing by your rectangular house in a trigonometric lane.There I saw you with your cute circular face, conical nose and spherical eyes, standing in your triangular garden.Before seeing you, my heart was a null set, but when a vector of magnitude(liken ess) from your eyes at a deviation of theta radians made a tangent to my heart, it differentiated. .....My love for you is a quadratic equation with real roots, which only you can solve by making good binary relation with me.The Cosine of my love for you extends to infinity.I promise that I will not resolve you into partial functions, but if I do so,you can integrate me by applying the limits from zero to infinity.You are as essential to me as an element to a set. The geometry of
my life revolves around your acute personality.My love, if you do not meet me at Parabola restaurant on a date at sunset, when the sun is making an angle of 160 degrees, my heart would be like a solved polynomial of degree 10.With love from your higher order derivatives of maxima and minima, of an unknown function.

Monday, 30 January 2012

National sports commission (NSC) uses #1.2m to open just a facebook account.

Wait! wait!! wait!!!,something is wrong somewhere.Where is this country heading to,ehn...infact i'm short of words.

The house of representatives has summoned the director general of the national sports commission,patrick ekeji to explain how they spent 1.2million on just a facebook account and some other expenditures...wat!,that's too outrageous now,haba!....well i pray he has something tangible to say.

Wife of new IGP,maryam dies.

Wife of the new IGP,mohammed abubakar dikko-maryam died in the early hours of today,monday 30th of jan @ the family house in kano,well as 4 now,the cause of her death is not known,i just hope this wasn't a planned job o,cos when did the hubby become the IG and this kinda thing has befallen the family.Anyway,may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Happy birthday to a Dear friend.

Your birthday means a lot to me because its God's way of showering blessings on me.To be a good friend and to have a good friend is one of the greatest joys in life.With a friend like you by my side,i couldn't ask for anything more and that's why i wouldn't want you to mind this token that i've done for you because it has come straight from my heart...May God increase you on every side.long life and prosperity in jesus name......HBD Solagbade mi.

Djokovic defeats nadal in Australian open final...(view photos also).

Novak Djokovic has defeated Rafael Nadal in a marathon men's singles final at the Australian Open yesterday,the 29th of january.Djokovic defeated nadal with 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7 (5), 7-5.Now djokovic is the fifth man since the Open Era began in 1968 to win three straight Grand Slam finals.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pastor Adeboye prays for Nigerian sport sector.

The General overseer of the Redeemed christian church of God,pastor E.A Adeboye has expressed his deep feelings concerning the sport sector in Nigeria.In view of this he has organised a prayer session scheduled for the 5th of february,2012 @ the Redeemed christian church of headquarters,Throne of Grace,Ebute meta,lagos by 8:00 am.He expects everybody that loves sport to be there especially all stakeholders in the industry......Don't miss it o,it's time to recover our lost glory in this country especially in the sport sector.

Michael jackson's daughter,paris meets justin beiber.

Justin beiber went performing @ the hand and foot print ceremony in honour of late Michael jackson @ grannar chinese theatre in hollywood on thursday,26th of january. When justin beiber was about to perform,guess who introduced him...paris. She said 'we are all very big fans of him and his music,i know i am'.I know many would be carrying date rumours,but remember justin beiber is already dating pop star selena williams.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

What's your opinion?....which is mostly consumed in Nigeria? Rice or Garri.


Its the battle between two mostly consumed dishes,rice and garri.I was all alone when this topic suddenly crossed my mind and i just felt that i should post for people to share their opinions.Cassava flakes,widely known in Nigeria as 'Garri'.A very fast food commonly consumed either by being soaked in cold water with sugar,groundnuts,'kuli kuli',coconuts and even dry fish.it can also be prepared in hot water to make what we all know as 'Eba'.Garri is so common because it has no stress.students who are just returning from lectures and are too weak to cook settle for garri,labourers who are working on sites settle for garri,when all foodstuffs must have finished at home,garri must be left.Now we can see how common this food is.infact virtually 95% of Nigerians take garri.On the other hand,rice,another very common food in Nigeria and even the world at large.As a matter of fact,it is the most important staple food for a large part of the world's human
population.Rice can be prepared in several ways as you like it;jollof rice,fried rice,ofada e.t.c.it is mostly prepared in gatherings like birthday parties,naming ceremonies,wedding ceremonies.Now,what's your own opinion on this topic,which is most consumed.
Guys,feel free to post your comments below,it's now very simple....

Omotola rocks the world of widows.

The adage that
says who feels it
knows it, was aptly
put to test when
screen queen and
musician Omotola
brought succour to
some widows in
Her mother having
been a widow
before she passed
away ten years ago,
Omotsexy as the
actor cum musician
is more popularly
known knows what
they go through
and with her large
heart; she offered to
come to the aid of
some widows in
The event tagged "The
20 Widows
Makeover" was her
way of encouraging
widows, who have
worked hard to
keep the home
front in order
despite the demise
of their spouses. It
also aimed at
pampering these
women and helping
them boost their
confidence and self
The widows were
given first class
treatment and
beauty regime
which comprises a
total makeover
starting with facials
and massage by
Upmobile Fresh
Look Spa and
celebrity choice H
and H spa. Next
they had their hair
treated by celebrity
hair stylist Ugo at
Make Me, and
made up by House
of Tara, The
pampering session
was followed by a
shopping spree with
clothes from Every
woman boutique
and finally a photo
shoot session with
international and
celebrities favorite
Kelechi Amadi Obi.
Speaking about the
Omotola said "I've
always wanted to
do something I
wished had been
done for my mother
when she was alive.
If you give these
women money, they
would spend it on
their kids. I didn't
know I was going to
loose her so soon,
she was a very
beautiful woman,
but because of all
her struggles, she
neglected her
personal needs, she
didn't get to enjoy
all these things like
going to the spa
and going shopping.

Friday, 27 January 2012

A quiet voice within.

As a teacher of origami, Ben
Rowland was asked to
represent his school at an
exhibit at a large mall in. He
decided to take along a
couple hundred folded paper
cranes to pass out to people
who stopped at his booth.
Before that day, something
strange happened ,a voice
told him to find a piece of
gold foil paper and make a
gold origami crane. The voice
was so insistent that Ben
actually found himself
rummaging through his
collection of origami papers
at home until he found one
flat, shiny piece of gold foil.
“Why am I doing this?” he
asked himself. Ben had never
worked with the shiny gold
paper; it didn’t fold as easily
or neatly as the crisp
multicolored papers. But that
little voice kept nudging. Ben
tried to ignore the voice.
“Why gold foil anyway?
Paper is much easier to work
with,” he grumbled.
The voice continued. “Do it!
And give it to a special
person.” By now Ben was
getting a little cranky. “What
special person?” he asked
the voice. “You’ll know which
one,” the voice said.
That evening Ben carefully
folded and shaped the
unforgiving gold foil until it
became as graceful and
delicate as a real crane
about to take flight. He
packed the exquisite crane
in the box along with about
200 other colorful paper
cranes he’d made over the
previous few weeks.
The next day at the mall,
dozens upon dozens of
people stopped by Ben's
booth to ask questions about
origami. He demonstrated the
art. He folded, unfolded and
refolded. He explained the
intricate details, the need for
sharp creases.
Then, suddenly, there was a
woman standing in front of
Ben. Was this that special
person? Ben had never seen
her before, and she hadn’t
said a word as she watched
him carefully fold a pink piece
of paper into a crane with
pointed, graceful wings.
Ben glanced up at her face,
and before he realized it, he
found himself reaching for
the gold-foil crane he’d
labored over the night
before. Carefully he picked
up the gold crane, and gently
placed it in the woman’s
Ben said: “I don’t know why,
but a voice told me to give
you that golden crane. The
crane is the ancient symbol
of peace,” Ben said simply.
The woman didn’t say a word
as she slowly cupped her
hand around the fragile bird
as if it were alive. When Ben
looked at her face, he saw
tears filling her eyes.
Finally, the woman took a
deep breath and said, “My
husband died three weeks
ago. This is the first time
I’ve been out. Today….” She
wiped her eyes with her free
hand, still gently cradling the
golden crane with the other.
Then she said very quietly,
as tears streamed down her
face. “Today would have
been our ‘golden’ wedding
Then the lady said in a clear
voice, “Thank you so much
for this beautiful gift. Now I
know that my husband is at
“Don’t you see? The voice
you heard, it was the voice
of God, and this beautiful
crane is a gift from Him. It’s
the most wonderful 50th
wedding anniversary gift I
could have received. Thank
you for listening to Holy
Spirit within your heart.”
And that’s how Ben learned to
listen very carefully, when
the Holy Spirit speaks to him
within, and tells him to do
things he may not
understand,now or even
Are you listening, my friend?
God may be speaking to you in a very still voice within,never in any way ignore him.

Hope you have been blessed with this little...share this to others too.

Nigeria is wobbling-Obasanjo.

FORMER President, Chief
expressed grave
concern over the
current state of
insecurity in the
country and the
continued slow
march of the
nation to desired
He also called for
increased public
partnership in the
management of
education to
tackle the “four
serious problems
that still persist
in thwarting” the
nation’s efforts
consequences for
Nigeria’s ability to
meet the
Goals, MDGs.
Obasanjo who
delivered the
41st convocation
lecture of the
University of
Nigeria, UNN, at
Nsukka on the
“Education and
said the country
could not
continue to
wobble as she is
currently doing.
Speaking on the
challenges of the
future for the
nation, Obasanjo
said: “This
country cannot
continue to
wobble along like
a stalked and
wounded lion,
walking to its
death. We have
there were 37.2
billion barrels of
proven oil
reserves in
Nigeria as of
2011 ranking the
country as the
largest producer
of oil in Africa
and the 11th
largest in the
world, yet, there
is no respite in
the search for
development of
the nation.”
Obasanjo also
alluded to the
nation’s growing
population which
is put at 170
million as at
today, saying:
“This will be an
asset only if we
start now to
work seriously
and assiduously
on how this large
population will be
the quality,
united and
associated with
such countries as
the US and South
He explained that
the United
projection that
Nigeria will be the
fourth largest
nation in
population by the
turn of the next
century places a
big burden on the
leaders and
people of Nigeria
who must work
for corresponding
growth in
education sector
by increasing
access to, quality
and purpose of
identified the
four problems
confronting the
education sector
as inadequate
access to
education, poor
quality, lack of
clarity on purpose
of education and
relevance of
current education
to Nigeria’s
orientation, core
values and the
The former
military and
civilian president
called for public
partnership to
tackle the
challenges of
education in
He submitted
that “PPP in
education today
must go beyond
mortar and
bricks, and
extend to shared
development and
reform ideas.”
Chief Obasanjo
that Nigeria must
reviews and
assessment of
all key areas of
our education
system”, noting
that “the annual
about poor
performance in
examinations will
remain empty
and futile until
we have reward
and punishment
systems to
among students,
schools and

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jonathan urges boko haram to come out and talk.

President Goodluck Jonathan
on Thursday challenged the
violent Islamist sect Boko
Haram to identify themselves
and state clearly their
demands as a basis for
talks, while acknowledging
that military confrontation
alone will not end their
In an interview with Reuters
at the presidential villa in
Abuja, Mr. Jonathan also said
there was no doubt that
Boko Haram had links with
other jihadist groups outside
"If they clearly identify
themselves now and say this
is the reason why we are
resisting, this is the reason
why we are confronting
government or this is the
reason why we destroy some
innocent people and their
properties ... then there will
be a basis for dialogue," Mr.
Jonathan said.
"We will dialogue, let us
know your problems and we
will solve your problem but if
they don't identify
themselves, who will you
dialogue with?"
But he cautioned that the
crisis would be much harder
to resolve than the now
rested militant insurgence in
the Niger Delta, which was
largely defused in 2009
under an amnesty he helped

News-Fresh explosion in kano.

A fresh explosion
rocked a bus
terminal in Nigeria's
violence-hit city of
Kano on Thursday
forcing the area to
be evacuated, the
police and army said.
"We just had an
explosion, nobody
can confirm the
cause. No loss of life
or injuries were
recorded. The area is
being evacuated," a
police spokesman in
the city, Magaji Majia,
told AFP.
Army spokesman
Iweha Ikedichi gave
a similar account of
the incident.
A witness however
claimed two people
were injured.
Soldiers and police
have cordoned off
the area, an AFP
correspondent said.
"There was an
explosion, there was
no injury or death,"
an on-duty soldier
told AFP.
Locals say the area,
known as New Road,
holds a bus terminal
for people travelling
to the country's
eastern region, the
home of the mainly
Igbo ethnic group of
Last week 185
people died in Kano
in multiple and
coordinated bomb
and gun attacks
claimed by the
Islamist group Boko
Haram. A Nigerian
police source told
AFP on Thursday that
roughly 200 people
had been arrested
following that

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A curious escape.

desperate times
for the Jonathan
and the
might do worse
than seeking
Although the
streets might be
free of
Nigerians, the
smoke from the
bonfires made by
them to register
their opposition
to the careless
increase in the
pump price of
petrol is nowhere
near being
Indeed, Abuja
has had to resort
to a heavy-
handed approach
to keep things
from keeling
over. The streets
of Lagos are still
being kept by
soldiers and the
government and
the opposition
Action Congress
of Nigeria are
demanding that
the soldiers be
returned to their
For the first time
since he became
Jonathan is
baring his fang to
show he could
bite if he has to.
Except that he
might have
chosen the
wrong people to
bite now. It’s all
part of the
desperation that
a desperate
government has
to take to assure
itself it is still in
Perhaps, the
government has
little choice in the
matter given the
security situation
in the country in
which Boko
Haram has no
doubt made
nonsense of our
security agencies.
The murderous
group has been
going about its
business, daring
the government
to stop it if it
could. Its
members are
always more
than a step
ahead of the
agencies, striking
with deadly
accuracy and
restraint. They
advertise their
agenda and go
ahead to carry
them out as
In spite of police
claims to be atop
of the security
situation, Boko
Haram continues
to prove that
they could do
exactly as they
please. They kill
at random and
without any
motive beyond
bloodlust. They
made the last
Christmas a
harvest of
deaths for many
worshippers at
St. Theresa’s
Catholic Church in
Madalla, Suleija.
It was a
slaughter on one
of the holiest
days on the
calendar. They’ve
since harvested
more deaths and
are promising
more. And in
Jonathan cried
out that the
group has all but
taken over his
government. But
just when it
looked like the
drowsy police
hierarchy was
waking from its
slumber and
getting close to
unravelling the
people behind the
massacre, up
came the curious
escape of their
prime suspect,
Kabiru Sokoto,
pouring cold
water over the
The escape of
Kabiru Sokoto is
proof of no other
that Boko Haram
enjoys the
sympathies of
people high in the
society. Quite
frankly such
support is not
limited to Boko
Haram but
available to
anyone or group
ready to lend
themselves to
any desperate
We cannot forget
too soon the
vow by some to
make the
ungovernable for
this president
after he won the
last election
attempts by
those who
thought power
ought to have
remained in the
North following
the death of
President Umar
Yar’Adua. They
found a leader
who failed to
assert himself at
the very moment
he ought to have
done so; he
allowed some
cowards to
resuscitate a
finished group
that is now bent
on dragging the
country down
the slippery slope
of an ethnic or
religious war,
whichever could
happen first.
The entire secret
of the apparent
invincibility of
Boko Haram is
now out in the
open. I have said
it now and again
here that the
group has been
powers it does
not possess. It’s
impossible that a
so-called group of
illiterate zealots
would possess
the increasingly
means that Boko
Haram employs
without the
strong support
of influential
One moment the
group is killing in
different parts
of the North-
East and the
next it has
moved its
operational base
to Kaduna and
then Abuja
where it bombed
the central
establishment of
Nigeria’s security,
nearly taking out
the IG, Hafiz
Ringim himself.
Sending out
messages on the
internet and
bombs, products
of so-called
education it
loathes, like a
child who has
just found a
priced means of
diversion, Boko
Haram members
go about their
kind of business
under the nose
of our security
Surely, the
handling of the
that led to the
escape of Kabiru
Sokoto was
contrived. Even
reports indicating
he might have
been arrested, in
the first
instance, in a
facility of the
Borno State
government are
pointers to the
link of the
suspect and the
group he
represents to
members of
Sokoto’s Houdini-
like escape, with
handcuffs and all,
was a planned
work to cover
the trail of those
sponsoring Boko
explanation from
Hafiz Ringim and
Zakari Biu, Police
Commissioner in
charge of
whose past
history and role
during the
Abacha regime
ought to have
disqualified him
from such
responsibility if
not the Police
Force, may be
necessary step.
But that is not
far enough. Abuja
has to dig deep
and should follow
this trail further.
It sure leads to
more preys.
The calibre of
people that have
been linked with
Boko Haram,
politicians and
personnel, says
something of
how connected
some Nigerian
leaders are to
the group. Even
those that have
been arrested
and pencilled for
have all been
granted some
form of bail or
another. It’s only
here that
terrorists are
granted bail and
made to visit
their homes
during a search.
My conclusion to
last week’s
column in which I
provided reason
for the Jonathan
failure to take on
the so-called
cabal in the oil
sector seems
appropriate to
end this piece
and I quote it
here at some
This government
plays too much
of the ostrich.
What it needs to
do is take on the
cabal that
continues to
make nonsense
of attempts to
make Nigerians
enjoy better life.
Expose the cabal
and let Nigerians
see those behind
their misery.
But we all know
things would
never come to
that level for the
very people
responsible for
the criminal
fleecing of Nigeria
are the same
ones sponsoring
candidates into
our legislative
and executive
arms of
They are the big
financiers of
presidential and
campaigns and
donate the
largest sums
during political
They dictate
who become our
security chiefs
and heads of our
financial sectors.
How can a
commissioner of
police arrest
some goon in the
pay of the
moneybag who
sponsored his
appointment as
the head of
police? To cross
them is to incur
the wrath of the
devil himself.
And it is in this
sense that we
must understand
the cry by
Jonathan which
amounts to
abdication really
that his
government is
under the control
of Boko Haram.
Since he can’t
fight his
tormentors, the
president has
chosen to turn
his fear on
Nigerians. But as
I once warned
here, nobody
wins a war
against their own

Joke...very funny.

A boy returns a missen purse to the owner in a market.The lady was so grateful but when she looked inside, she got confused and said, "but I had a single one thousand naira note, now there are ten pieces of hundred naira note, how come? The boy said, "na me change am, the last time wey I help person find purse, she say she for give me something but change no dey."

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A new element added to the periodic table.

Check out this element...

-Name : Girl
-Symbol : Gl
-Atomic Weight:Don’t even dare to ask!

-Boils at anytime.
-Can freeze at anytime.
-Melts if handled
with love & care.
-Very bitter if

-Very reactive.
-Highly unstable.
-Posses Strong
affinity 4 gold,
silver,clothes &
other precious items.
-Money reducing
-Volatile when left

-Mostly found in
front of mirror.
....Girls can u beat

Gone are the days....when we were still little.


• The days where Choco
was the best chocolate
• Days of Christmas
where we
all looked forward to
our mama- tie- me -for
dresses and mother care
• I miss the days of
when we take food to
neighbors and they gave
money in exchange
• The days of Christmas
we dress up, wear our
outfits and visit family
friends one after the
• Days when birthday
were fun. Cake and red
• I miss the days of
cloths made from chair
• The days when we
went to
school , lined up and the
headmistress and
inspect our nails and
and then we march to
• The days of “papilo, I
say one day, you go
make us
• The days of Computer
U Remember na??
• The days of rashidi
Daniel omokachi, Sunday
peter rufai, etc
• The days where only
person in that
had that round phone and
neighbors had to come
calls in one’s house
• The days of Nasco
Trebor, Okin Round and
Four Corner.
• The days of Goody Goody,baba dudu and
Kpako Biscuit.
• The days of We have
Food and
we can Eat in Primary

"Why we did not kill obasanjo"-Boko haram.

Information recently
made available through a high
ranking contact
within the
structure of the
terrorist Islamic
group, Boko Haram
reveals unnerving
revelations regarding
the recent attacks
on Kano, Bauchi State
– and the aborted
attack of September
15, 2011 visit by
former President of
the federal republic
of Nigeria, General
Olusegun Aremu
Obasanjo to the
home of the in-law
of the slain leader of
the Boko Haram,
Babakura Fuggu in
Borno State.
It was gathered that
the leader of Boko
Haram, Imam
Abubakar Shekau
who is currently
hiding away in
Qoundere, Cameroun
following the recent
and ongoing attacks
on Kano and Bauchi
State – had
deliberated seriously
on the assassination
of the former
president of Nigeria,
General Obasanjo on
September 15, 2011
while on a visit to
Borno State to the
home of the in-law
to the slain leader of
Boko Haram [Ustaz
Mohammed Yusuf].
According to the
Boko Haram source,
former President
Obasanjo had made
first contact with
Yusuf's in-lawal,
Babakura Fuggu
[eldest son of
Yusuf's in-law] in
early September
2011 concerning
opening a channel of
dialogue with the
terrorist group.
The leadership of the
group took it uneasy
with the choice of
Babakura – [since the
line of leadership did
not automatically
follow family lineage
as in traditional
settings. As a
'religious' group they
did not see Babakura
as the rightful person
to take over from
Yusuf.] - For this
reason, the
leadership of the
group 'silently'
objected to the
meeting between
Babakura and
As Obasanjo
concluded his secret
meeting the previous
day at the Green
House with three
other religious group
[Jamatu Nasir Islam,
JNI and CAN] in Jos,
the capital of Plateau
State on the
Wednesday of
September 14, 2011,
and took off the
following day to
Borno State, the
terrorist group,
according to the
source, marked the
former President
within their 'firing
range' from the
moment he landed in
Borno State at
minutes after 11am
till he departed the
State in the late
afternoon of the
same day.
According to the
source, "we were not
sure of him. He was
going to be a big
catch" said the
source who explained
that the leadership
halted the operation
as Obasanjo went
inside the residence
of Babakura.
"Obasanjo was good
to us. We had no
problem with
Obasanjo. We had
him. We could have
taken him out", as he
recalled that the
sharia movement
took off during the
period when
Obasanjo was
"The problem started
during the late
President Yar'Adua
regime. Goodluck only
inherited the problem.
We have no problem
with Goodluck. But his
Ijaw people around
him are deceiving
Interestingly, the
Boko Haram source
who spoke in fluent
English with a slight
American accent
explained the decision
to 'finish' Babakura
Fuggu came due to
what transpired
between Obasanjo
and Babakura.
"We learnt he asked
for money". Babakura
requested on behalf
of Boko Haram
monies to enable the
group defray
litigation costs and
other minor financial
requests which the
leadership of Boko
Haram considered
menial and
The wife, Yakolo,
was said to have
received money from
the former president
to the tuned of
N500,000. Babakura
Fuggu was gunned
down on September
17, 2012 as he exited
his home by his
younger brother in
the company of
other young men
dressed in reddish-
orange babarigas
each armed with
AK47s – just barely
forty eight [48] hours
following the visit of
former President

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Grandmother's love.

Tommy lived with his
grandmother. They loved
each other very much. But
Tommy had the habit of
stealing. Tommy's
grandmother punished him
again and again for stealing,
but he did not stop habit.
One day, Tommy's
grandmother said, "Tommy, I
have been punishing you
about this stealing, but it
hasn't seem to do any good. I
love you too much to let you
continue this. The next time
you come home with things
that do not belong to you, I'm
going to take one of these
knitting needles and heat it
red hot in the fire. Then I'm
going to burn your hands so
badly that you'll never forget
Tommy didn't steal for a long
time. He knew that his
grandmother meant what she
But then one day, Tommy
began stealing again. He
came home with his pockets
stuffed with things that he
had stolen.
Tommy's grandmother tried
not to notice at first. But
when she could stand it no
longer, she said, "Tommy,
come here. Empty your
Out came a pocket knife, a
pencil, an eraser, a small
ball, and some money none
of which belonged to Tommy.
"Where did you get those
things?" demanded the
No answer.
"Tell me Tommy, where did
you get those things?"
asked the grandmother
Still no answer.
"You have been stealing
again." said the grandmother.
"You know what I told you,
and you know that I always
keep my word."
The grandmother went over
and put the metal knitting
needle into the fire. When it
was red hot, she called
Tommy to her and said,
"Son, give me your hand."
Tommy was trembling as he
held out his hand but he
knew he was wrong and that
he deserve to be punished.
The grandmother paused
and said, "Son, I want you to
see the seriousness of your
stealing. You deserve this
punishment, but I LOVE YOU
With that, she dropped
Tommy's hand and opened
her own hand. Taking the
red hot knitting needle, she
burned her own hand very
Holding out her burned hand,
she said, "Look at my hand
Tommy. Don't take your eyes
from it. This is what your
stealing cost me."
For years to come, Tommy
repeated the story and
ended with these words,
"That ended my stealing. I
saw what it cost one who
loved me dearly and whom I
LOVE is not selfish.. It
involves sacrifices - just as
the heavenly Father had
demonstrated in expressing
His LOVE to us at the
sacrifice of His Beloved Son.
Let us remember not to take
our God for granted.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A touching love story....a must read.

From the very begining, the
girls family objected
strongly on her dating this
guy, saying that it has got to do with family
background & that the girl will have to suffer for the rest of her life if she were to be with him!
Due to family pressure,the both of them quarrel very often. Though the girl love the guy deeply,but she
always asks him: how deep is your love for me?
As the guy is not gud with his words, this often causes the girl to be very upset, with that &
pressure from her
family, the girl often vents her anger on him.
As for the guy, he only endures it in silence.
After a couple of years,the guy finally graduated &
decided to further his studies in overseas. Before
leaving, he proposed to the
girl: i'm not very gud with words, but all i know is that i love you, if you allow me, i will take care of you for the
rest of my life. Will you marry me?
The girl agreed, & with the guy's determination, the
family of the girl finally gave in & agreed to let them get married. So before
he left, they got
The girl went out to the working society,
whereas the guy was ovaseas continuing his studies, they sent their love through emails & phone kols!
Though it was hard, but both never thought of giving up!
One day, while the girl was on her way to work, she was knocked down by a car that went out of control. When
she woke up, she saw her parents beside her bed.She realized that she was badly injured.
Seeing her mum crying,she wanted to comfort her. But she realized all that could come out of her
mouth just a sigh.she had lost her voice.
The doctor said that the impact on her brain had caused her to lose her voice. Listening 2 her parents comfort, but noting coming out from her.
She broke down.
During the stay in hospital,all she could do is to cry in silence!. Upon reaching
home, everything seems to be the same, except for the
ringing tone of the phone,which pierced into her heart
every time it rang. She does not wish to let the guy know, and not wanting to be
a burden to him, she wrote a letter to him saying that she does not wish to wait any
longer.with dat,she sent the engagement ring back to him, in return,the guy sent millions of reply, and
countless of phone calls,
all the girl could do besides
crying is still crying.
the parents decided to move away from that area ,hoping that she could
eventually forget everything and be happy!
With a new environment,
the girl learnt a sign
language and started a
new life!
Telling herself everyday
that she must forget the guy. One day her friend came and told her dat he was back. She asked her friend not to let him know what had happend to her,since then there wasn't any more news of him!
A year has passed & her friend came with an envelope, containing an
invitation card for the guy's wedding. The girl was shattered.
When she opened the letter, she saw her
Name on it instead!!
Wen she was about 2 ask her friend what was going on when she saw the guy standing in front of her.
He used sign language
telling her: i've spent a year's trying to learn sign
language... Just to let you know that i've not forgotten
our promise!
Let me have the chance to
be your voice.. I love you.. With dat, he slipped the ringback into her finger!
The girl finally smiled!
True Love is the medicine that cures everything!

Pls kindly share this.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Learn to control your anger.

A man came out of his home to admire his new truck.To his puzzlement,his three year old son was happily
hammering dents into the shiny paint.
The man ran to his son, knocked him away, hammered
the little boy's hands into a pulp as punishment. When the father calmed down, he
rushed his son to the hospital.
Although the doctor tried
desperately to save the crushed bones, he finally
had to amputate the fingers from both the boy's hands.When the boy woke up from
the surgery & saw his bandaged stubs, he innocently said, "Daddy, I'm
sorry about your truck."
Then he asked, "but when
are my fingers going to grow
The father went home and
committed suicide.
Think about the story the
next time someone gets you so upset.I know that anger is definately inevitable but think first before you lose your
patience with someone you
love.Trucks can be
repaired. Broken bones & hurt feelings often can't.Too
often we fail to recognize the
difference between the
person and the performance.
People make mistakes. We
are allowed to make mistakes. But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever.

Pause and ponder,
Think before you act,
Be patient, Understand and love.

Share this to @ least 5 people so that they too can learn from it.

Check thiz out...He's too much.

Do you know his names?many are times we call his names without knowing the implications of these names in our lifes.Here are just a few out of His names;

* He is the one that can put an end to every situation and no one can put an end to him.
* He is the one that knows the end from the beginning and no one can know his own end that is if he even has an end.
* He is the one that changes situations and remain unchanged.....ha ha.
* He is the one that can take a person's life and no one can take his life.....lai lai.
* He is the one that can enthrone and dethrone kings,who dares to dethrone him.
* He is the one that provides food for his children and doesn't even eat,only praise.....what a loving father we've got.
* He can say yes to a situation and no body says no.
* He opens a door,who born you to close it.
* He is the one that knows the number of stars that are in the sky.....mehn,too much.
* He is the one that can be in a million and one place @ the same time.....oga ju.
* Do you know that it's because he visited you this morning with his breathe of life,that's why you can even read this post.
* He is the one that has never slept,what!,he watches over his children.....great!
* He is the one that provides fuel for his children irrespective of one fuel subsidy wahala.
* He is the one that hears all his children @ the same time.....wat!,how many ears nw.
* Now tell me,can you even count 0.5% of the strands of your hair,but he's still the same God that knows the actual number.....nawa o.
* He's the Almighty,so why not give him praise,give him the fruit of your lips.Remember Heb 13:15 says "by him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually,that is,the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name".

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Subsidy war:Expect mother of all strikes from Monday--labour.

Nigerians should brace
up, from Monday, for
what the Nigeria Labour
Congress (NLC)
yesterday called the
“Mother of all strikes”.
The President of the
NLC, Comrade
Abdulwaheed Omar,
said yesterday that
Nigerians should
prepare for a prolonged
strike from Monday if
the government does
not reverse the pump
price to N65 per litre.
The NLC boss did not
elaborate on what he
meant by “Mother of all
However, the
Petroleum and Natural
Gas Senior Staff
Association of Nigeria
Thursday threatened to
shut down operations in
the upstream and
downstream sectors,
including export
terminals, if by Sunday
the Federal Government
refuses to revert the
pump price of petrol to
N65 per litre.
At a briefing in Lagos,
PENGASSAN President,
Babatunde Ogun, said,
among other
implications, Nigeria
would default in its
contractual obligations
to the international
community as there
would be no crude and
gas supplies.
According to him, it
would cripple
power and healthcare
delivery to Nigerians and
the country will not
meet its crude
production quota for
the next six months.
His words: “PENGASSAN
remains committed to
the ongoing popular and
nationwide protests,
and will continue to
work with all concerned
groups to sustain the
struggle, until the
Federal Government
respects the will of
“The resolution of the
House of
Representatives and
the Senate has said it
“All branches of
downstream, refineries
and upstream sectors
have been and shall
remain fully mobilised in
the actualisation of
NLC/TUC directives on
the on-going strike.”
The Federal
Government on
Thursday night at a
meeting with Labour
insisted on full
deregulation of the
downstream sector of
the oil industry.
But the Labour insisted
on the mandate from
workers that
government must
reverse the pump price
to N65 per litre.
Apart from the reversal
to N65 per litre, Labour
is also asking for a 90-
day moratorium to
allow a window for
discussion between the
government and
stakeholders. The
stakeholders will look at
the challenges of
subsidy withdrawal,
pump price and ways
for appropriate pricing
for the PMS.
Both the NLC and Trade
Union Congress (TUC),
led by Comrade Peter
Esele, are scheduled to
take a final decision
today on whether to
continue with the
ongoing nationwide
strike action or suspend
A labour leader, who
spoke with our
correspondents, said:
"Saturday's session will
define the next stage
of the strike. The NECs
of the NLC and the TUC
will meet to take a final
decision on the
negotiation offers from
the government.
"After the NEC session,
the labour leaders will
also meet with the
government on the
same day. So, the strike
might either be called
off or continue."
The General Secretary
of the NLC, Comrade
Owei Lakemfa, said:
"Labour is giving
Nigerians an opportunity
on Saturday and Sunday
to refresh and stock
their homes with
foodstuffs in readiness
for a prolonged strike
action from Monday."
Notwithstanding, the
Labour yesterday held a
three-hour rally at Julius
Berger Roundabout in
At the rally, the NLC
President insisted that
the people's will must
prevail and "there is no
retreat, no surrender on
the demand for N65
pump price."
He also asked Nigerians
to prepare for the
“Mother of all strikes”
from Monday should
government fail to
reverse the pump price
to N65 per litre.
Omar said: "They say in
the definition of
democracy, there are
three sides. They say it
is government of the
people for the people
and by the people. This
word is true, no be so?
Na so! But do you know
the largest group of the
people? No! That is the
people. This means if
you run government, it
is people who will run
government that is by
the people. But if it is
run for the people,
therefore it is among
the people that you
choose another small
number of people to go
and do government.
"But when the large
number says this is
how it will be, is it
justifiable for the small
group that is working
for this large number to
say No? No! Therefore,
the people’s will must
prevail. I want to talk
today very briefly but
let me start, comrades,
by telling you about
where we are today.
"We have a committee
that plans everything
we do everyday. That is
why we take different
routes everyday.
Today, in consideration
of so many factors, our
planners said the only
way we can get relaxed
is during the weekend
so that by Monday, if
government is yet to
change the cost of fuel
from N145 per litre to
N65, we are going to
come out on Monday
very strong.
"Please, those who
have never come here
before, inform them,
maybe they are your
brothers, sisters or
your friends or even
your parents because in
Lagos , all ladies came
out to the streets and
protested. So, tell
everybody that we
should start coming in
such a way that we
must be noticed. If
Nigerian government
will not notice us, we
would be so large that
the international
communities will notice
us and they will begin to
talk to them”.
Omar added: "We want
to make sure that
people will get
refreshed by the
weekend, but Monday
morning, it is going to
be the ‘mother of all
crowds’. Do we agree?
Yes, do you agree? Yes.
I must say again on
behalf of my colleagues
that we are grateful.
"Several agencies of
government attempted
hired crowds, where
they will say they will
give them N5, 000 each
and get 1, 000 people.
The 1, 000 would
disappear in less than 1,
000 seconds. As soon
as they have taken the
money, they will go
away. Nobody is giving
you anything but you
are here because you
are patriotic, because
you love Nigeria and you
want your welfare to
"Therefore, this is
something we must
continue to do. I want
to assure you to relax
tomorrow and Sunday.
We will get ready for a
greater struggle
beginning from Monday."
The NLC President
debunked the
insinuations that labour
leaders have
The NLC President said:
"Yesterday or day
before yesterday, I
swore to you that we
are people of honour
and integrity. I swore to
you that we will do that
which we are asked to
do by the people.
"If anybody is practising
true democracy, we are
the people practising
true democracy. We are
saying that because
people put us here, they
have given us mandate.
We must have to carry
out the mandate of the
people and do you
remember the mandate
people gave us? What is
the mandate? N65 or
nothing! I tell you
comrades, this is
exactly the message
we have sent across to
the government.
"We are aware that
there are a lot of
rumours going round.
Some people will say
labour has
compromised. They
have given them
money, given them this
and that. I don't know,
comrades, who will
have the courage after
taking somebody's
food, you will still look
at him in the face and
abuse him, is it
possible? No!
"We went and told
them that the mandate
we have from Nigerian
people is that you have
to revert back to N65.
And when government
insisted and they keep
saying they are not
ready to come down
and reduce the price,
we told them that we
have principals but
because we have a
system, it is just by
calling the people who
gave us the mandate.
We said the highest
thing we can do is to go
back to our principals.
"We will give them the
message and it is up to
them to give us either a
new message or say
what are you talking?
Go back and maintain
our position. By the
night, we could not
agree yesterday with
the government.
Despite all their pleas
and what they told us
that our economy will
collapse, we told them
we have a mandate and
our standing mandate
is: reverse back to N65.
"If anybody is sending a
text message to you,
saying whatever, I
want to assure you
that as far as we are
concerned, it is just
blatant lies and nobody
will intimidate us with
those text messages.
If anybody has given
any money to anybody,
let that person come us
and say I have given a
particular sum of
money and we shall
pray with everybody to
say that whoever has
done this, Holy Ghost
He added: "And to our
Muslim brothers, we will
also ask them to do
Alqunut. That is to tell
you that, as far as we
are concerned, it is not
about money. If it is
about money, I tell you
by now, we would have
been exceedingly rich
and we would also
become part of the
cabal but that is not our
will. We have
undertaken for
ourselves that we
must always stand by
the masses and by the
grace of the Almighty,
so shall it be.
"Comrades, we have
discussed here and I
told you time without
number that some
government agencies
have been trying all
they could to destabilise
us in Abuja . And the
only way they think
they can do that is by
sending people to
create certain problem,
then government will
now make a broadcast
that because of the
security threat in Abuja,
there is going to be 24
hours’ curfew from
dusk to dawn so that
they will not allow us to
come out to meet
"But we believe our
strength always lies in
our unity and
collectivity. We must
continue to come out.
We are very grateful to
you that you are not
getting tired. In fact,
more and more people
are coming and we will
continue to come but,
comrades please, you
must also bear with us.
As your leaders, we will
never lead you astray
by the grace of God but
please, take it that all
plans to create problem,
we must avoid them."
On his part, the
President of the TUC,
Comrade Peter Esele,
said: "I want to say a
very big thank you for
all your support. The
other people give them
money. Did we give you
any money? If they give
you money, collect it
because that money is
your money that they
have stolen. That
money means the
education of your
children. That money
means good roads, that
money is your
"One thing you must
know, it is time for
change. We must
always seek good
governance. What do
we want? Good
governance. It is only
good governance that
will change this country.
The reason we are here
is that we love Nigeria.
If we love Nigeria we
must love one another.
It is for the love we
have for Nigeria that is
why we are here."
The Vice-President of
the NLC, Comrade Issa
Aremu, said: "As the
President of NLC has
said, without your
struggle, without your
sacrifice, the Federal
Government of Nigeria
could not have met
with the NLC and TUC
"And for the first time
in recent times, our
President, the Vice
President, the Senate
Government and
ministers have to meet
to address the plights
of Nigerians. It is due
to the struggle, which
you have put up in
Abuja , Lagos , in Kano ,
in Port-Harcourt and
virtually in all the 36
states of the
Ffederation. Let's give
them a hand of
"We should not give up
in this struggle. The
struggle is not over until
it is over. As Comrade
Omar has said, please
don't let us lose our
focus. We have to be
organised, we have to
be focused and we
have to be purposeful.
And we should not
forget what is our
demand. We don't want
other forces to add
other agenda that are
not our own.
"Government itself is
also spreading
propaganda so that
they can divide our
ranks. This propaganda
is what the NLC
president has said that
your leaders are being
compromised. And I am
happy he has addressed
He added: "There are
also some forces who
are not in government,
who have different
professions and they
want to have a
different agenda. I don't
want to mention
names because now
we have emergency
comrades. Don't you
know what we call
emergency comrades?
Those who used to be
in government and even
oppressed workers.
They are now
identifying with us. I
don't want to mention
names but you know
"So we must be
focused about our
agenda. Now the
second thing I want to
raise is that there are
those that are against
the masses. Please, let
us give one special
Gbosa! to the House of
Speaker for being with
the masses and
convening a meeting on
a Sunday to address
the plights of Nigeria
and they passed a
resolution to revert to
N65. And they also
called on Labour so that
we can suspend the
strike. I think we need
to commend them on
"So, let also give the
Senate President
applause. That is
Senator David Mark. I
also want to say that
there are some of the
governors but there are
some terrible governors.
And I want to say the
governor of Enugu
State, we need to give
a special boo to the
Governor of Enugu
State, Governor Sullivan
Chime. He was not just
pushing for the removal
of subsidy but he was
also attacking those
that are protesting. He
has a mobile court. This
is a governor we will
not only take to the
judicial process in
"So today we want to
reaffirm solidarity to
the people of Enugu
State . I want to
declare that we are
fully in solidarity with
them. And we call on
President Jonathan that
what he cannot do to
Nigeria is that we have
our right of freedom of
assembly. This is
because no governor
has the power of a
president. Yet, we are
peacefully protesting in
Abuja .
"So I want to say,
comrades, forward ever
and backward never.
Stay with your leaders
and your leaders will
stay with you.
Together with you, we
are going to achieve
victory. We have
decided to save Nigeria
and there is no going

Fuel subsidy:Presidency queries fashola over lagos crowd.

Indications are rife that
the Federal Government
is not happy with the
Lagos State
government on the
open ended opportunity
being enjoyed by
protesters in his state
against the removal of
fuel subsidy, and had
hence queried the
governor on the
growing confidence of
the protesters.
The government
handed over the query
to the Lagos State
governor, Mr Babatunde
Raji Fashola, during a
closed door meeting it
had with organised
labour which had in
attendance some select
governors, including
Lagos has been offering
a great source of
inspiration to anti-
subsidy protesters
from across the
federation, owing to
the huge crowd it
exhibits on daily basis
at the Gani Fawehinmi
Freedom Square at
Ojota, Lagos where anti
subsidy protest is being
held daily since Monday.
The high caliber of
eminent Nigerians, who
have been attending
the rally in Lagos
buoyed by the presence
of Nollywood actors and
actresses, big time
Lagos-based musicians,
religious leaders,
professionals and
committed artisans,
had made the protests
in Lagos tick, causing
some shock waves in
government circles.
Some presidency
officials in a chat with
Saturday Tribune
disclosed that the need
by the government to
have words with
Fashola on the
dimension of protests
in Lagos necessitated
his enlistment in the
select committee of
state governors who
had dialogue with the
organised labour.
Officials of the
government at the
special meeting with
the Labour union leaders
had reportedly
expressed dismay at
the dimension of the
anti-fuel subsidy
protests in Lagos and
hence berated the
governor for his inability
to temper the tension
by refusing members of
the Save Nigeria Group
(SNG) led by Pastor
Tunde Bakare the free
leverage it has been
having all along.
Insiders at the meeting
told Saturday Tribune
that a well prepared
Fashola had harangued
the government
officials on the manner
of handling protests of
a huge magnitude,
disclosing to them that
his government was all
along vigilant about
every movement of the
protesters in Lagos and
had devised the means
of making them act
The Lagos governor,
according to reports,
was vehement in
declaring that
democracy forbids any
government to clamp
down on protesters, a
reason the Lagos State
government resolved to
manage the protests
by ensuring security of
lives and property, while
also discouraging acts
of arson and vandalism
by protesters.
Fashola reportedly told
the officials of
government that having
provided security cover
for protesters and
other logistics including
ambulances, fire
fighting equipment and
a constant dialogue
with the arrow heads,
no one should expect
the Lagos protests to
degenerate into chaos.

Friday, 13 January 2012

NEWS-We didn't bomb madalla church-Boko haram.

The spokesman of
Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna
Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad
otherwise called Boko
Haram has refuted
claims by the media
on the recent killings
and bombings of
churches in Nigeria
saying their jihad is
not against the
Christians and their
places of worship.
The spokesman, Abu
Qaqa, denied the
Christmas day
bombing and other
attacks carried out in
the country all in their
name. He also denied
the statement that
they asked Christians
to leave the northern
part of Nigeria, as
even the prophet of
Allah lived with non
believers and they
had the right to
He said they are
fighting a just cause
as the government
have been attacking
them and they have
the right to defend
themselves, alleging
that they have only
killed security
operatives, the police
and army in self
defence. He said all
Christians in the
north should not
panic, as Islam
prohibits attack in
places of worship
and it is haram to
burn or attack a
church even during
"Our prophet told us,
do not attack the
innocent, women,
children and the old,
only fight back in self
defence, this is the
teaching of our
prophet and that's
exactly what we are
doing," he said. He
also said as untrue
claims that they are
going to attack
protesters, saying it
is false as they are in
total support of the
peoples' struggle and
behind the Nigerian
It was only on
Sunday, at a special
Armed Forces
Remembrance Day
service at the
National Christian
Centre in Abuja that
President Goodluck
Jonathan revealed
that government
officials, legislature
and security
personnel have been
infiltrated by the
dreaded Boko Haram
As if laying credence
to the denial of the
Islamic sect which
has been credited
with the bombing in
the nation in recent
times, President
Goodluck Jonathan
abhorred those who
have been raiding
some parts of the
North with bombs,
saying that it is an
unpatriotic act and a
religious sin to kill
fellow citizens and
innocent people with
bombs in the church
in order to express
one's grievances.
"It is not the
behaviour of decent
people anywhere in
the world. Those
politicians who
justify killings in order
to gain cheap political
points are unpatriotic
to that extent. If
anybody has
anything to say, he
should say it in a way
that he will be
listened to and his
grievances will be
addressed. "But if
you think that by
going to spray bullets
on people, you are
pursuing your own
agenda and your own
end and people
should listen to you
and in fact they
should call you for
discussion and some
people are backing
them and supporting
them, it is an
unpatriotic act."

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A letter to Nigerians.

Hello fellow Nigerians,I'm writing this in view of the current situation in this country.I know this is a very tough time for many of us particularly in the area of this removal of fuel subsidy but we just have to bear with Mr.president.This is a very tough decision he took considering the fact that none of his predecessors had ever taken it before.We all can deny that we are not aware of the benefits that follow this bold decision of Mr president then why should people still be protesting against the removal of fuel subsidy,why have we refused to open our eyes to see the clear truth? Innocent Nigerians have lost their lives all in the name of this protest,forgeting that once there's life,there's hope.The security in Nigeria is not that good talking about the boko haram issue,then why are we creating the platform for them to attack through this protest? Goodluck
Jonathan is not my daddy,uncle or anyway related to me but i'm writing this because I know he has good intentions for
Nigerians.He is a good man,I
have seen that in him but many Nigerians have suddenly become blind to see this.For us to have a good govenment,we
should be willing to sacrifice.Without it,we are not going anywhere in this
country.My fellow
Nigerians let us join hands
together to build our nation
to the greater height.Stop
protesting to avoid more
killing of innocent Nigerians
unnecessarily.I know Nigerians are in deep pains but let us give GEJ
some months,then we'll see how things go.I know a lot of Nigerians out there would want to eat me but that's the truth,I just said my mind.Don't let us forget that this country will be great only if we as the inhabitants work in co-operation.As a matter of fact,most people that are castigating the government have not even said a word of prayer for them.Remember,we can't go anywhere without God.Thank you all for your time.May God bless
you.........NIGERIA,Good people,Great nation.

Pls share this to your fellow Nigerians.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Are you being violated?

Hello world,this is a story I deemed it fit to post because of the rampant cases of rape of children and teenagers to serve as reminder to parents on the need to watch their daughters and for the ladies themselves to be extra careful.I really do hope that girls out there would come across this.Read and learn....

Being an only child,Esther was showered with love and affection by her parents.whatever she asked for,she received.Although friends and relatives often complained that the couple were over-indulging and pampering their daughter,Esther's parents felt that nothing was too much for their princess.When Esther clocked six,however,things took a drastic turn in their household.This was due to the fact that Esther's mother packed out of her matrimonial home when she heard that one of her husband mistresses had been delivered of a bouncing baby boy.Shortly after Esther's mother's departure,the new woman moved in and started mal-treating her step daughter.
Esther had to put up with her step mother's ill-treatment until two years later when her mother who had recently remarried came to pick her.
Esther was very happy to leave her father's house,she moved in with her mother's new family with the hope that all would be well.Six months after moving into her new home,her mother's step son,Charles,who was in an higher institution of learning in the East came home because of ASUU strike.Charles,the older of four children,all boys,told his step mother that he was glad to have a step sister.As a result,he was always buying things for Esther and helping her with her home work.Esther's mother was happy to see her step son treat her daughter as if she were his blood sister.Charles was so caring and attentive to Esther that no outsider would suspect that they were not born of the same parents.
One day,the family decided to go out for a treat.As they were about to leave,Esther complained of stomach ache,the step father was about to call off the trip when Charles volunteered to stay at home to look after Esther.since the two had always been best of friends,the parents did not think twice before agreeing to Charles' suggestion that the others should go while he stayed to take care of her.Before leaving,however,Esther was given some drugs and was asked to rest.
After sleeping for an hour,Esther woke up and feeling relieved,went in search of "brother Charles" as she fondly calls him.She found him watching film in the sitting room.Charles asked his step sister to join him on the couch,she did as she was told,Charles who was watching a blue film drew her to him,put his hands under her panties and started fingering her.
Esther shouted "Brother Charles,what are you doing? Leave me alone,I will tell mum and dad".Charles replied,"i am only playing with you.Relax,so that you too can enjoy what i am doing.I will buy you whatever you want if you promise not to tell anybody.But if you do,nobody will believe you and you will be sent back to your wicked step mother".
Esther was scared but she could not do anything after that.When Charles finished,he told her to go inside,take a bath and change to a new dress.He took her to a fast food in the neighbourhood and bought her ice cream and snacks.When others came back,Esther could not tell them what transpired in their absence because she did not want to go back to her father's house.Though Charles did not stop abusing her sexually,she never uttered a word to anybody but kept it all locked inside.She continued to suffer in silence until she gained admission into one of the unity schools in the South West.
Being a brilliant girl,Esther was loved by all her teachers.The school's counsellor was however her favourite among them all.Esther summoned up courage and confided in the woman.It was this woman who sent for Esther's mother and told her of how her daughter had beem sexually abused over the years by her step brother.To say that Esther's mother was not devastated was would be an understatement.She could not believe that her poor daughter had been carring such an heavy burden on her small shoulders.The counsellor adviced Esther's mother to make sure that Charles and his step sister never sleep under the same roof so as to avoid a re-occurence.
Many of these young girls are being sexually abused on a regular basis by people who are very close to them indeed.The abuse is often carried out by these children's uncles,cousins,step brothers,teachers,neighbour and even househelps.
The abusers who often intimidate their victims into keeping quiet always get away with the evil deed.It is the victims who are left with permanent scars.By bottling up their emotions,victims can suffer from any of the following; anxiety,depression,addiction,cancer,promiscuity and sexual problems.remember,there are many depraved men out there,do not allow them to destroy your future.
Yes,i've come to the end,hope you really grabbed something....stay blessed.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Useful things you can accomplish in just 15 minutes...Don't waste your time.

Life is made up of
nothing more than a
series of moments. If
you can find some way
to pull 15 extra minutes
out of a hat, you’d
better at least use
them wisely. Where will
you find these
moments, and when
you find them, how will
you use them?
Just 15 extra minutes a
day will convert into a
powerful 91 hours a
year. That’s a massive
chunk of time that you
can use to acquire new
skills and get things
done. The benefit is
seen when we create a
daily habit and commit
those 15 minutes to
something worthwhile.
You can wake up 15
minutes earlier, steal 15
minutes from lunch,
after work, or right
before bed — the
choice is yours.
Once you’ve figured out
which sleeve those 15
minutes are hiding
under, you’re ready to
pick your target. You
can mix-and-match
from the list below, or
choose a specific item
to focus on over
weeks, months, or
even a year. The key is
your commitment to
cultivate a habit, from
which your life will
20 Useful Things
You Can
Accomplish In 15
1. Stretch. If you
stretch for 15 minutes
every day you will
become very flexible. It
will be easier for you to
move around, exercise,
and it will facilitate the
flow of blood
throughout your body.
This extra flow will
improve your overall
health and improve your
mental focus.
2. Read. Pick a time
when you can read,
without interruptions,
for a solid 15 minutes
each day. You’ll find that
you’re able to get
through certain books in
a week or two, and
you’re increasing your
knowledge and mental
capacity with minimal
effort. You may
discover a new passion,
or master a subject
over the course of a
year through this small
time commitment.
3. Run. Do a series of
short sprints with
intervals between
running and resting.
This is the best way to
build up speed and
increase your body’s
capacity to utilize
oxygen. At the same
time you will be
powering up your body
with higher energy
levels throughout the
rest of your day.
4. Calisthenics. This
form of exercising
involves sit-ups, push-
ups, trunk twists,
squats, chin-ups, etc.,
which basically means
using your own body
weight as resistance.
It’s very effective to
build muscle tone and
get your exercise on,
and it hardly requires
any equipment (other
than perhaps a chin-up
5. Sleep. I just told you
to find 15 minutes, and
now I’m recommending
that you sleep them
away? This one is more
useful during the middle
of the day. If you have
a set schedule, and you
can conveniently fit a 15
minute nap, you can
catch a second wind
that will leave you
feeling energized for
the second half of your
6. Cook. This might not
be enough time to
make an extensive
meal, but it is sufficient
enough to put
something together.
Make yourself a
sandwich, or get some
leftovers together, so
that you don’t have to
eat out for lunch. You’ll
save a lot of money
using this method.
7. Write. Depending on
your writing skill, you
may be able to take a
nice chunk out of
writing a 50,000 word
novel (it’s less than you
think), over the span of
a couple of years, if you
use your 15 minutes a
day wisely. If it takes
you longer, so be it, but
eventually you will have
the finished product in
your hand. This won’t
happen unless you sit
down and write.
8. Talk (aka Listen).
You can use your newly
found time to build solid
relationships with
several people, or an
even closer one with
one special person. You
can both look forward
to these 15 minutes,
whether in person or
over the phone, and
share your goals,
dreams, and
accomplishments with
each other. If 15
minutes is too little
time for you to talk
then just listen to them
for 15 minutes and
they’ll love you for it.
9. Draw. While 15
minutes a day, over the
course of a year, may
not be enough time to
build a professional
collection, it’s still
mighty useful. You can
use these 15 minutes
to create several nice
drawings, but more
importantly it will
sharpen your skill and
give you a creative
10. Blog. I’ll admit that
it takes me longer than
15 minutes to write a
blog post, but you can
take the short and
sweet approach
yourself. In 15 minutes
you can craft and
publish some witty
commentary or useful
information about a
breaking topic that your
readers would truly
11. Journal. One of the
best gifts you can give
yourself is the ability to
reflect upon your life.
You can do this by
keeping a journal of the
biggest highlights within
your life. Taking just 15
minutes a day to write
down how you feel,
what you learned, and
what you want out of
life will help you track
where you’ve been and
where you want to go.
12. Visit nature. Bask
in the beauty and
serenity that nature
has selflessly provided
us with. Go to a forest,
park, or simply sit under
a tree, and do nothing,
read a book, or chat
with a friend. While out
walking I saw a kid
sitting under a tree
with his laptop; while
not the most effective
use of nature, it still
beats doing the required
homework inside the
house on a beautiful
13. Meditate. The
research is in, and
there’s no doubt that
stress is a killer. I’ve
learned extensively in
my Masters program
about the physiological
damage that stress
causes within us.
Meditation is one of the
very best ways to
relieve stress, and it
has many other
benefits as well. Do
yourself a favor and try
this on.
14. Organize. In 15
minute bursts there is a
lot you can do to
organize your life. You
can clean a table top,
the desktop on your
computer, your
bookshelf, organize
your clothes, vacuum
your house, bathroom,
kitchen, etc. Just know
that your 15 minutes
are dedicated to some
form of cleaning, and
you’ll notice that your
environment and
eventually your mind
will be that much more
clutter free.
15. Plan. Spend 15
minutes planning out
your day, or week. By
spending time planning
every single day you’ll
end up saving hours by
remembering the right
supplies, making special
arrangements, and
cutting out unnecessary
steps. Planning makes a
16. Network. Whether
it’s for your job, or
some kind of
recreational endeavor,
you can use your 15
minutes to network
and make friends. You
can do this by using
twitter, or creating a
template e-mail and
searching out new
people to contact with
it. Even if you contact 5
people a day, that’s
1825 potential contacts
over the year. That’s
just the point, it adds
17. Research. With
Google at your
fingertips you can find
out some very useful
information about your
health, hobby, career, or
some way to improve
your life. You can even
buy access into
scientific journals and
do some significant
medical research in your
spare time.
18. Play catch. You
won’t find too many
activities easier than
tossing the ball around
between two people.
It’s great exercise, it’s
relaxing yet invigorating,
and a great opportunity
to talk and bond.
19. Eat slowly. Do not
treat eating as one of
life’s little
inconveniences. Instead,
eat slowly and enjoy
each bite as if it were
your last, and if it were,
know that you got the
most out of it by using
an extra 15 minutes to
extract pleasure from
each morsel of food.
20. Self-
improvement. Take
15 minutes a day to
read some articles by
your favorite writers
who compress massive
amounts of information
into practical, easy to
read, and very
informative articles.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Attitude is everything

Jerry was the kind of guy
you love to hate. He was
always in a good mood and
always had something
positive to say. When
someone would ask him how
he was doing, he would
reply, "If I were any better,
I would be twins!"
He was a unique manager
because he had several
waiters who had followed him
around from restaurant to
restaurant. The reason the
waiters followed Jerry was
because of his attitude. He
was a natural motivator. If
an employee was having a
bad day, Jerry was there
telling the employee how to
look on the positive side of
the situation.
Seeing this style really made
me curious, so one day I
went up to Jerry and asked
him, "I don't get it! You can't
be a positive person all of
the time.
How do you do it?" Jerry
replied, "Each morning I
wake up and say to myself,
'Jerry, you have two choices
today. You can choose to be
in a good mood or you can
choose to be in a bad mood.'
I choose to be in a good
mood. Each time something
bad happens, I can choose
to be a victim or I can
choose to learn from it. I
choose to learn from it.
Every time someone comes
to me complaining, I can
choose to accept their
complaining or I can point out
the positive side of life. I
choose the positive side of
"Yeah, right, it's not that
easy," I protested.
"Yes, it is," Jerry said. "Life
is all about choices. When
you cut away all the junk,
every situation is a choice.
You choose how you react to
situations. You choose how
people will affect your mood.
You choose to be in a good
mood or bad mood. The
bottom line: It's your choice
how you live life."
I reflected on what Jerry
said. Soon thereafter, I left
the restaurant industry to
start my own business. We
lost touch, but I often
thought about him when I
made a choice about life
instead of reacting to it.
Several years later, I heard
that Jerry did something you
are never supposed to do in
a restaurant business: he
left the back door open one
morning and was held up at
gunpoint by three armed
robbers. While trying to open
the safe, his hand, shaking
from nervousness, slipped
off the combination. The
robbers panicked and shot
him. Luckily, Jerry was found
relatively quickly and rushed
to the local trauma center.
After 18 hours of surgery
and weeks of intensive care,
Jerry was released from the
hospital with fragments of
the bullets still in his body.
I saw Jerry about six
months after the accident.
When I asked him how he
was, he replied, "If I were
any better, I'd be twins.
Wanna see my scars?"
I declined to see his wounds,
but did ask him what had
gone through his mind as the
robbery took place.
"The first thing that went
through my mind was that I
should have locked the back
door," Jerry replied. "Then,
as I lay on the floor, I
remembered that I had two
choices: I could choose to
live, or I could choose to die.
I chose to live."
"Weren't you scared? Did
you lose consciousness?" I
Jerry continued, "The
paramedics were great. They
kept telling me I was going to
be fine. But when they
wheeled me into the
emergency room and I saw
the expressions on the
faces of the doctors and
nurses, I got really scared.
In their eyes, I read, 'He's a
dead man.' "I knew I needed
to take action."
"What did you do?" I asked.
"Well, there was a big, burly
nurse shouting questions at
me," said Jerry. "She asked
if I was allergic to anything.
'Yes,' I replied. The doctors
and nurses stopped working
as they waited for my reply.
I took a deep breathe and
yelled, 'Bullets!' Over their
laughter, I told them. 'I am
choosing to live. Operate on
me as if I am alive, not
Jerry lived thanks to the
skill of his doctors, but also
because of his amazing
attitude. I learned from him
that every day we have the
choice to live fully. Attitude,
after all, is everything.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hon. Patrick obahiagbon on fuel subsidy removal

"I have read with
disgust, governments
asinine and puerile
attempting to
justiceate the proposed
of subsidies from
petroleum products.It
asseverated that it’s
intentions is guided by
the need
to checkmate
the odoriferous
excesses of a
machiavellian and
mephistophelean cabal
and i have
said to
myself,what a shame?
What a self
admittal of the failure
governance?What an
hocus-pocus? What an
anathematous disdain
for it’s
Must the people now
bear the
brunt for
pusillanimity in squaring
up with
these economic
philistines and fat
cows? I feel
even more
nauseated and vexed
that the
Governors Forum
has posthaste
conferred an
imprimatur on this
genie.Let’s not
forget that
majority of these same
had earlier
called for this state of
affairs as a
sinequanon for paying
minimum wage. What
an opprobrium?What a
deprecable descent
the sublime to the
up to us all to
put this Presidential and
Gubernatorial genie back
into the bottle but are

Sunday, 1 January 2012

RCCG prophecies for the year 2012 by Daddy E.A Adeboye.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: 1. He said many considered to be absolutely barren will be fruitful.
2. He said family
histories will be
rewritten, including an
end to premature
3. He said desperate prayers will get quick
reply this year.
4. He said some will experience massive transfer of wealth from the wicked to the

1. God says He has
surprises both for His own and for the enemies of the church.
2. He said before this year ends, it will be said
of Nigeria; all is well that ends well.
3. He said we are to pray more for
prominent Nigerians, so
that those who see this year may see the next.

1. Daddy says there will be a lot of power transfer.
2. He said new
phenomenon will startle scientists.
3. He said we are to pray against earth quakes of record magnitude, tsunamis of
record proportion and massive hurricanes. if
we pray they will be subdued.
4. The civil unrest that started last year, will begin to end this year.