Saturday, 28 January 2012

Omotola rocks the world of widows.

The adage that
says who feels it
knows it, was aptly
put to test when
screen queen and
musician Omotola
brought succour to
some widows in
Her mother having
been a widow
before she passed
away ten years ago,
Omotsexy as the
actor cum musician
is more popularly
known knows what
they go through
and with her large
heart; she offered to
come to the aid of
some widows in
The event tagged "The
20 Widows
Makeover" was her
way of encouraging
widows, who have
worked hard to
keep the home
front in order
despite the demise
of their spouses. It
also aimed at
pampering these
women and helping
them boost their
confidence and self
The widows were
given first class
treatment and
beauty regime
which comprises a
total makeover
starting with facials
and massage by
Upmobile Fresh
Look Spa and
celebrity choice H
and H spa. Next
they had their hair
treated by celebrity
hair stylist Ugo at
Make Me, and
made up by House
of Tara, The
pampering session
was followed by a
shopping spree with
clothes from Every
woman boutique
and finally a photo
shoot session with
international and
celebrities favorite
Kelechi Amadi Obi.
Speaking about the
Omotola said "I've
always wanted to
do something I
wished had been
done for my mother
when she was alive.
If you give these
women money, they
would spend it on
their kids. I didn't
know I was going to
loose her so soon,
she was a very
beautiful woman,
but because of all
her struggles, she
neglected her
personal needs, she
didn't get to enjoy
all these things like
going to the spa
and going shopping.

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