Friday, 13 January 2012

NEWS-We didn't bomb madalla church-Boko haram.

The spokesman of
Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna
Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad
otherwise called Boko
Haram has refuted
claims by the media
on the recent killings
and bombings of
churches in Nigeria
saying their jihad is
not against the
Christians and their
places of worship.
The spokesman, Abu
Qaqa, denied the
Christmas day
bombing and other
attacks carried out in
the country all in their
name. He also denied
the statement that
they asked Christians
to leave the northern
part of Nigeria, as
even the prophet of
Allah lived with non
believers and they
had the right to
He said they are
fighting a just cause
as the government
have been attacking
them and they have
the right to defend
themselves, alleging
that they have only
killed security
operatives, the police
and army in self
defence. He said all
Christians in the
north should not
panic, as Islam
prohibits attack in
places of worship
and it is haram to
burn or attack a
church even during
"Our prophet told us,
do not attack the
innocent, women,
children and the old,
only fight back in self
defence, this is the
teaching of our
prophet and that's
exactly what we are
doing," he said. He
also said as untrue
claims that they are
going to attack
protesters, saying it
is false as they are in
total support of the
peoples' struggle and
behind the Nigerian
It was only on
Sunday, at a special
Armed Forces
Remembrance Day
service at the
National Christian
Centre in Abuja that
President Goodluck
Jonathan revealed
that government
officials, legislature
and security
personnel have been
infiltrated by the
dreaded Boko Haram
As if laying credence
to the denial of the
Islamic sect which
has been credited
with the bombing in
the nation in recent
times, President
Goodluck Jonathan
abhorred those who
have been raiding
some parts of the
North with bombs,
saying that it is an
unpatriotic act and a
religious sin to kill
fellow citizens and
innocent people with
bombs in the church
in order to express
one's grievances.
"It is not the
behaviour of decent
people anywhere in
the world. Those
politicians who
justify killings in order
to gain cheap political
points are unpatriotic
to that extent. If
anybody has
anything to say, he
should say it in a way
that he will be
listened to and his
grievances will be
addressed. "But if
you think that by
going to spray bullets
on people, you are
pursuing your own
agenda and your own
end and people
should listen to you
and in fact they
should call you for
discussion and some
people are backing
them and supporting
them, it is an
unpatriotic act."

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