Thursday, 12 January 2012

A letter to Nigerians.

Hello fellow Nigerians,I'm writing this in view of the current situation in this country.I know this is a very tough time for many of us particularly in the area of this removal of fuel subsidy but we just have to bear with Mr.president.This is a very tough decision he took considering the fact that none of his predecessors had ever taken it before.We all can deny that we are not aware of the benefits that follow this bold decision of Mr president then why should people still be protesting against the removal of fuel subsidy,why have we refused to open our eyes to see the clear truth? Innocent Nigerians have lost their lives all in the name of this protest,forgeting that once there's life,there's hope.The security in Nigeria is not that good talking about the boko haram issue,then why are we creating the platform for them to attack through this protest? Goodluck
Jonathan is not my daddy,uncle or anyway related to me but i'm writing this because I know he has good intentions for
Nigerians.He is a good man,I
have seen that in him but many Nigerians have suddenly become blind to see this.For us to have a good govenment,we
should be willing to sacrifice.Without it,we are not going anywhere in this
country.My fellow
Nigerians let us join hands
together to build our nation
to the greater height.Stop
protesting to avoid more
killing of innocent Nigerians
unnecessarily.I know Nigerians are in deep pains but let us give GEJ
some months,then we'll see how things go.I know a lot of Nigerians out there would want to eat me but that's the truth,I just said my mind.Don't let us forget that this country will be great only if we as the inhabitants work in co-operation.As a matter of fact,most people that are castigating the government have not even said a word of prayer for them.Remember,we can't go anywhere without God.Thank you all for your time.May God bless
you.........NIGERIA,Good people,Great nation.

Pls share this to your fellow Nigerians.


Neo'groove said...

Oshe jare

Olawale said...

Hmm... U're right but u're missing sth.
How do u expect Nigerians to trust d government to rightly channel the benefits of dis action.
And besides u talk of sacrifice.u lead by example.what sacrifice has d fg made on its own part.
Don't let us deceive ourselves.tell them 2 cut down 'their' allowances and 'delete' d 'cabals'

Ayobami Okediji "Ayobamz100%" said...

@aposle dee,fanx man..i appreciate it.
@wale,yes,i kinda agree with.i know dat it is in dat area of trust that people dont wana hear.yes its 2ru dat their alowances av 2 b cut down of which the president has rightly done.nd as 4 d cabals,i dnt knw buh i fink they shud be brought 2 book and prosecuted....buh don't u fink dat in al diz,we shud jxt give the president a chance,lets jxt trust him diz tym nd c d outcome....i luv d later part of ur text,thats our prayer bro.....fank u for visiting this site.luv y'all