Friday, 20 January 2012

The Grandmother's love.

Tommy lived with his
grandmother. They loved
each other very much. But
Tommy had the habit of
stealing. Tommy's
grandmother punished him
again and again for stealing,
but he did not stop habit.
One day, Tommy's
grandmother said, "Tommy, I
have been punishing you
about this stealing, but it
hasn't seem to do any good. I
love you too much to let you
continue this. The next time
you come home with things
that do not belong to you, I'm
going to take one of these
knitting needles and heat it
red hot in the fire. Then I'm
going to burn your hands so
badly that you'll never forget
Tommy didn't steal for a long
time. He knew that his
grandmother meant what she
But then one day, Tommy
began stealing again. He
came home with his pockets
stuffed with things that he
had stolen.
Tommy's grandmother tried
not to notice at first. But
when she could stand it no
longer, she said, "Tommy,
come here. Empty your
Out came a pocket knife, a
pencil, an eraser, a small
ball, and some money none
of which belonged to Tommy.
"Where did you get those
things?" demanded the
No answer.
"Tell me Tommy, where did
you get those things?"
asked the grandmother
Still no answer.
"You have been stealing
again." said the grandmother.
"You know what I told you,
and you know that I always
keep my word."
The grandmother went over
and put the metal knitting
needle into the fire. When it
was red hot, she called
Tommy to her and said,
"Son, give me your hand."
Tommy was trembling as he
held out his hand but he
knew he was wrong and that
he deserve to be punished.
The grandmother paused
and said, "Son, I want you to
see the seriousness of your
stealing. You deserve this
punishment, but I LOVE YOU
With that, she dropped
Tommy's hand and opened
her own hand. Taking the
red hot knitting needle, she
burned her own hand very
Holding out her burned hand,
she said, "Look at my hand
Tommy. Don't take your eyes
from it. This is what your
stealing cost me."
For years to come, Tommy
repeated the story and
ended with these words,
"That ended my stealing. I
saw what it cost one who
loved me dearly and whom I
LOVE is not selfish.. It
involves sacrifices - just as
the heavenly Father had
demonstrated in expressing
His LOVE to us at the
sacrifice of His Beloved Son.
Let us remember not to take
our God for granted.

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