Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wow,this is incredible.Guyz,take a look @ this potrait.

can you ever believe that thousands of coffee stains made this potrait...this is so creative.i luv it.

If you also love it,post your comments below.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How Kabiru Sokoto escaped.

Senate, yesterday, gave an insight into how Kabiru Umar alias Kabiru Sokoto, alleged mastermind of theChristmas day bombing of St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Mandalla, Niger State, escaped from police custody.
Submitting the report of Senate Committee on Police Affairs to the Senate yesterday, Chairman of the Committee, Senator Igwe Nwaga told the Senate that the committee discovered that the escape of Sokoto was made possible due to the mob action spearheaded

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lion kills two herdsmen in Yobe state.

A lion has killed two herders and 30 livestock in a settlement in Yobe State, the environment commissioner said Tuesday.
“We have a lion on the rampage which has so far killed two people and around 30 herd”, Ahmed Wakil Sarki said.
He said the lion attacked the settlement on the edge of a forest in Gujba district, 30 kilometres (20 miles) from the state capital Damaturu on Monday.

Pant thief:man steals 11,000 women panties.

This is really crazy, ok let me say funny and at the same time so crazy. When people are having good hobbies,this man's hobby is just stealing women's sick! He actually started this pant theft @

More revelations about the boko haram sect: cars used for bombings are usually snatched-Abu Qaqa.

Spokesman of Islamic sect, Boko Haram, Mallam Abu Qaqa, who is in the custody of Department of State Security, DSS, has reportedly told his interrogators that the cars members of the sect use for suicide missions were usually snatched at gun point from the owners.
He said: “We snatch such vehicles at gun point. We use the less exotic ones for suicide bombings and just load vehicles with bombs, drive them near our target, park, get out and leave them to explode thereafter.”

Monday, 20 February 2012

22 year old man marries 68 year old german woman.

I must really apologize for posting this stale story.i've not been into real blogging of late because i've been packing ma things,getting set for school. Hope ma apologies accepted????
Yes,let's enter the gist for the moment.i'm sure y'all can see this pic with your two eyes.infact,nothing wey man no go hear 4 diz world.22 year old man marries that 68 year old germam madam.ush! What is he looking for there in the first place.i'm sure he must be an igbo guy.appologies to all igbo readers. He claims he loves the woman. Na lie jo, he's after her money. I was actually speaking to somebody about this,she said that the guy has sense, he knows that after the woman might have died or something,he'll now take all her possession and settle for a nice good looking chik.........or guys,whats your view on this?

Woman stabs husband over baby food and pampers in lagos.

Wicked world indeed......just because Mr Ifeanyi Anaekwe complained of insufficient kudi(money) to buy pampers and baby food for their new baby, the wife,mrs Chikodili stabbed him forgetting that when there is life, there is hope. Their neighbours said they heard when the

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another car explosion storms Niger state.

A car bomb has exploded outside a Church during the Sunday service in Suleja, Niger state, wounding five people.
One person was seriously injured in the blast and has being rushed to the hospital while four others sustained minor injuries.
According to eye witness account, the bomb had been wrapped with a motorcycle chain, and

Petrol tanker catches fire in lagos;kills 5,burns 39 vehicles.

No fewer than five persons were burnt to death Saturday at Mile 2, along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, when a petrol tanker went up in flames.
The inferno which occurred in the early hours of Saturday also consumed 39 cars, mostly commercial vehicles.
According to an eyewitness report, the driverof the petrol tanker with registration number, XB370ATN, lost control of the vehicleas the brakes apparently failed him before falling sideways after which the tanker caught fire.
When contacted, the state Police Public Relations spokesman, Mr. Joseph Jaiyeoba, a Superintendent of Police, confirmed the incident, saying only three persons were killed in the incident.
He said: "At about 1am, a tanker laden with petroleum with registration number XB370-ATN, was coming towards Orile from Mile 2.The tanker fell off

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Aftermath of proposing to Annie Macauley:Tuface escapes to America.

Few days after proposing to actress Annie Macaulay, his long standing sweetheart and mother to one of his five children, R&B star, Tu Face Idibia quietly left the country last Wednesday night for the United States in a manner that was shrouded in mystery.
But his publicist, Bayo Omisere was quick to explain in a telephone chat with Showtime that Tuface’s sudden departure to America has nothing to do with the story making the rounds that he may have escaped abroad to avoid the media hype.
According to him, “whatever happened between Tuface and Annie was done in public, so why should he run away? The America trip had been arranged long before this whole incident and drama unfolded. He is gone to Americato finish the recording of his new album”
The Benue State-born crooner shocked his fans last Tuesday night when he proposed to Annie Macauley. Surprisingly, it was on Valentine’s Day, and Annie could not believe her eyes as she was overwhelmed by emotions. The venue of the ritual was Club 10, Victoria Island, Lagos, which is owned by former Super Eagles captain, Austin J.J. Okocha.

Friday, 17 February 2012

IBB says no need for Sovereign National Conference.

For as many of you that are so current with the news,you must have heard about this sovereign national conference thing.Yes,we all agree that we've got several problems in this country and we need to sit down and have a tete-â-tete before we can progress but your former military president,IBB has disagreed with the suggestion made by GEJ.Read the news below and hear what he said.

Gunmen killed two,injured one in Niger state.

Gunmen have killed two policemen again today in Niger,a sergeant and an inspector while a corporal was critically injured.

Corps member stabs colleague @ their send off ceremony.

Trouble started yesterday when a member of the National Youth Service Corps,Chinonso Johnson stabbed his colleague,Uchenna.They were @ a joint where all of them made merry for the successful completion of their one year service.when under the inflence of alcohol,an argument started and they were breaking bottles,

Abdulmutallab shows no sign of remorse as he gets life sentence.

The Nigerian “underwear bomber” who triedto blow up a packed airliner on Christmas Day 2009 must spend the rest of his life behind bars, a US judge ruled Thursday.
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 25, pleaded guilty in October to eight charges, including the attempted murder of 289 people on board Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines Flight 253.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

From the pulpit @ the central parish: Buried blessings shall resurrect.

Hi my esteemed readers,i was @ the RCCG central parish in Abuja,sure some of you who reside here'll know the church. I went for a weekly programme, it was so awesome, and i just deemed it fit to bless you guyz with the word from the bulletin.....Read and be blessed.

And i was afraid,and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo,there thou hast that is thine. Matt 25:26.

One of the prophecies given by our father in the lord, Pastor E.A Adeboye for the 2012 is that lost opportunities shall be recovered.

Ooose! Man proposes to his girlfriend with a gown made of 9999 fresh roses(View photos)..Gals feed your eyes.

Wow,as in this is just too romantic.You see,guyz are too talented when it comes to getting what we want.
A chinese man,xian fan proposed to his girlfriend,Ying Mi with this very lovely gown(photos below) made of 9999 fresh! Initially,He wanted to give her the roses just like that but later he considered the fact that his girlfriend loved fashion then he made it 2 a gown.Nice one.This gown went through a lot of tailors and fashion designers before it came to reality.Isn't this beautiful??

OMG! This is deadly! World's fattest man (view photos).

yes,i'm sure this will serve as an eye opener for some people who can't just do without eating something @ one point or the other.Sure you can see that pic,its Keith Mann,the world's fattest man...that's the aftermath of too much eating, not eating good foods o...junks.Keith Mann, a 58-stone man has revealed he is tended to by seven carers a day,costing an estimated £50,000 a year to the taxpayer.
Mr Martin, 42, has been unable to work for more than a decade owing to his weight and cannot move from his reinforced bed.

Abdulmutallab'll know his fate today.

This is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,25,the guy that attempted to bomb a US flight back in 2009,on christmas day to be specific which would have led to the death of 289 passengers.He faces sentence today,thursday,16th of feb.His case was billed for

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Boko Haram:SSS declares ex-soldier wanted.

Following intensive interrogation of the captured spokesperson of the Boko Haram sect, Abul Qaqa, the State Security Services, SSS, has declared another member of the sect, an ex-soldier, Habibu Bama wanted.

Lil wayne set to marry.

Ah,seems this valentine was really good for some people o.Early this morning,the news on most nigerian websites was about popular 2face's proposal to his long time girlfriend,Annie.Now its lil wayne.He wants to settle.He proposed to his girlfriend,Dhea yesterday

It's as if Whitney Houston predicted her death...check this out.

Friends close to the fallen R&B superstar have revealed that Whitney Houston had a premonition her end was near, telling them that she, "really wanted to see Jesus."

Majid Michael pays his own tribute to late Whitney Houston.

Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel who is in Hollywood for the Pan African Film Festival and the Grammys also took some time off to pay his respect to the late Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where pop legend and actress passed.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

18 students involved in a ghastly accident as trailer crushes man in Ogun State.

A load of 18-seater bus carrying students of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State on Tuesday somersaulted several times on Kobape road, along Abeokuta/Sagamu Expressway in Obafemi Owode local Government area of Ogun state, leaving all of them with different degrees of injuries.

Not again! Bomb blasts rock kaduna.

Two bomb explosions have just occurred at Angwa Sariki area of Kaduna state,north central Nigeria killing one person.
According to the news,after the first explosion, an official of the anti-bomb squad of the Nigerian Police Force tried to denote the second bomb but the bomb exploded, killing the operative....imagine that.Sometimes I wonder when Nigeria will return to its lost glory..We need peace in this Country,to be honest...

Full details later,just keep comments flowing in.Thanks.

Do the judging yourselves.Which of these three characters is the most hilarious.

We all can't deny the fact that these three star actors are very good @ comics.But at times its difficult to decipher which amongst the three is the most hilarious.

Nkem Owoh a.k.a Osuofia.

John Ikechukwu Okafor a.k.a Mr ibu.

Hafiz Oyetoro a.k.a Saka.

So now,i want you to do the judging.which is the most hilarious or your best.just post your answers below....keep the comments flowing in..

More revelations about the Boko haram sect.

Further insight into the activities of the dreaded Islamic sect Boko Haram continued to emerge from the interrogation room of the State Security Service (SSS), where the captured spokesman of the group Abu Qaqa has been on a roll on his revelations on the operations of the group.
Qaqa revealed that

OMG! Some worst dressed celebs @ the 54th grammy award night (view photos).

You know,it took me time to believe that these celebs actually came for the award night....oyinbo sha...

This is ur one time rihanna in that shit....tell me,how does she feel now

hm hm hm,nicki herself,she really out gagad lady gaga....lolz.Continue with photos,click here

The power of listening.

I suspect that the most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen.Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention. And especially if it's given from the heart. When people are talking, there's no need to do anything but receive them.Just take them in. Listen to what they're saying. Care about it. Most times,caring about it is even more important than understanding it. Most of us don't value ourselves or our love enough to know this. It has taken me along time to believe in the power of simple saying, "I'm so sorry,"when someone is in pain,and meaning it.We connect through listening. When we interrupt what someone is saying to let them know that we understand, we move the focus of attention to ourselves. When we listen, they know we care.

Hurray!!! Ifeluvgurl is a year older Today.

Several years back,a little girl was delivered into the world on the 14th day of february which happens to be valentine's day,Wow!...Many would say this was a coincidence,but it's definately not.It was already predestined by God.For this reason,you are so special to my heart.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Alleged cause of Whitney Houston's death.

Whitney Houston died as a result of drugs and not drowning in her bathroom.It was reported that it was a combination of Xanax with other prescriptions and alcohol that she took,according to TMZ.

Early morning rain left one killed,several injured in Lagos state.

As a result of the rain that fell early this morning in lagos,one man died,many sustained injury and goods,properties worth millions of naira got destroyed.The deceased was suspected to have died as a result of the telecoms mast."He was corporately dressed heading for his place of work when this incident happened",an eye witness said...Many people that were already in their place of work had to run helter-skelter for safety.On the third mainland bridge too,it was recorded that many electric poll and street lights fell thereby increasing the traffic jam on the bridge.

Adele wins 6 Grammy Awards (view photos).

With six awards, Adele has matched Beyonce for most Grammy wins in a night by a female act. Adele's six wins Sunday night include album, record and song of the year. Beyonce set the record two years ago. Adele was shaking as she won album of the year, almost in tears as she held the award. Adele's "21" was 2011's best-selling album. It's sold more than six million units in the United States. She yelled at the end of her speech: "Thank you so much!".....It was indeed a night of happiness and sadness @ the same time.There were a lot mixed feelings,Whitney Houston was gone!,so sad.Many celebrities paid their tribute to her.....well well well,Adele,thumbs up,I'm so happy for you.RIP Whitney.

Klint da drunk and wife welcome new baby.

HALLELUYAH!...Naija comedian,Klinton Afamefuna Igwemba popularly known as Klint da Drunk and his wife have taken delivery of their second child; a baby boy yesterday,13th feb,2011.The comedian is so happy and is thanking God for his mercies.So Denzel,the first daughter now has a baby bro...nice.

Commissioner of Police,Zakari Biu,speaks.

Embattled Commissioner of Police, Zakari Biu, who is currently being investigated over the dramatic escape of Kabiru Abubakar Dikko, a.k.a. Kabiru Sokoto, the alleged mastermind of the Christmas day bombing of St Theresa Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger State, in which over 40 lives were lost, yesterday opened up on his plight and trial.

Obafemi Awolowo university to resume feb 26.

Authorities of the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife has announced Sunday, February 26, 2012 for the re-opening of the Institution for the commencement of the 2011/2012 academic session and resumption of fresh students.
A statement by the Public Relations Officer, PRO, of the university, Mr. Abiodun Olarewaju, indicated that the on-line registration for harmattan semester courses began February 6, while clearance at Faculty and Admission offices holds between February 27 and March2.
Lectures will, however, commencefully for the harmattan semester 2011/2012 academic session on Monday,12th March, while normal on-line registration for courses will end on Wednesday, 28th before Matriculation ceremony on Thursday, 29th of March, 2012.....Guyz,this one is so authentic o.

Late Whitney Houston's daughter,Bobbi kristina hospitalized.

Whitney and Bobbi.

Whitney's daughter,Bobbi,18 after hearing of her mum's death was devastated,she was shocked.I learnt that she has been hospitalized now due to "nervous breakdown".Last night,Feb 11,she had rushed to the Beverly Hilton Hotel after hearing that her mother had passed away but she was denied access into her mum's room to see her body.She was yelling,cursing and demanding to see her mother’s body but all to no avail....Whitney’s stylist,hairdresser and two bodyguards were in the hotel suite and worried when she was in the bathroom for over an hour before the Clive Davis ‘ pre-Grammys party.When she didn’t respond to knocking,her female hairdresser went in the bathroom and screamed after discovering her body.She had drowned in the bathroom with bottles of pills around her......RIP Whitney.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Suarez apologizes for snubbing Evra's handshake.

Luis suarez is really sorry for his wrong actions yesterday,He has decided to apologize to Evra and Manchester united as a whole.Hear what he said...."I have spoken with the manager since the game at Old Trafford and I realise I got things wrong.I've not only let him down, but also the club and what it stands for and I'm sorry. I made a mistake and I regret what happened.I should have shaken Patrice Evra's hand before the game and I want to apologise for my actions. I would like to put this whole issue behind me and concentrate on playing football."...Liverpool's managing director,Ian Ayre said suarez actually said he was going to shake Evra but to his greatest surprise,he didn't.Alex Ferguson has branded suarez a "disgrace."

Big lie!!....Woman gives birth to a fully fledged is this possible ?

Infact this is an unbelievable story.i'm not meant to even post this but for you guyz to see and stay current....i'm sure you all can see that picture..woman giving birth to a grown man???,anwalamo.Thank God its not in Naija o,its always in oyinbo land you'll hear all these bizarre stories.oya let me start criticizing that pic....where is the blood on the man's body o,how did the woman look like before the safe delivery,will the man now be talking like a baby or how?...infact,4get it jo..LIE!!!

What do you think,keep your comments flowing in.

Reasons why Jay Jay okocha went to an indian club.

Its almost two months now that former super eagles player went to join a football club in india.Many rumours are already spreading that Okocha went to the club because he was financially broke....NO!.."He just wanted to be part of indian football history and not because he was broke financially",a FIFA licenced players' agent,Mr Nwankwo Kujah said.

Life and Times of late Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston, who
reigned as pop music's
queen until her majestic
voice and regal image
were ravaged by drug
use, erratic behavior and
a tumultuous marriage to
singer Bobby Brown, has
died. She was 48.
Publicist Kristen Foster
said Saturday that the
singer had died, but the
cause and the location of
her death were unknown.
At her peak, Houston
was the golden girl of the
music industry. From the
middle 1980s to the late
1990s, she was one of
the world's best-selling
artists. She wowed
audiences with
effortless, powerful, and
peerless vocals that
were rooted in the black
church but made
palatable to the masses
with a pop sheen.
Her success carried her
beyond music to movies,
where she starred in hits
like "The Bodyguard" and
"Waiting to Exhale."
She had the perfect voice
and the perfect image: a
gorgeous singer who had
sex appeal but was
never overtly sexual,
who maintained perfect
She influenced a
generation of younger
singers, from Christina
Aguilera to Mariah Carey,
who when she first
came out sounded so
much like Houston that
many thought it was
But by the end of her
career, Houston became
a stunning cautionary
tale of the toll of drug
use. Her album sales
plummeted and the hits
stopped coming; her once
serene image was
shattered by a wild
demeanor and bizarre
public appearances. She
confessed to abusing
cocaine, marijuana and
pills, and her once pristine
voice became raspy and
hoarse, unable to hit the
high notes as she had
during her prime.
"The biggest devil is me.
I'm either my best friend
or my worst enemy,"
Houston told ABC's Diane
Sawyer in an infamous
2002 interview with
then-husband Brown by
her side.
It was a tragic fall for a
superstar who was one
of the top-selling artists
in pop music history, with
more than 55 million
records sold in the United
States alone.
She seemed to be born
into greatness. She was
the daughter of gospel
singer Cissy Houston, the
cousin of 1960s pop diva
Dionne Warwick and the
goddaughter of Aretha
Houston first started
singing in the church as a
child. In her teens, she
sang backup for Chaka
Khan, Jermaine Jackson
and others, in addition to
modeling. It was around
that time when music
mogul Clive Davis first
heard Houston perform.
"The time that I first
saw her singing in her
mother's act in a club ... it
was such a stunning
impact," Davis told "Good
Morning America."
"To hear this young girl
breathe such fire into
this song. I mean, it really
sent the proverbial
tingles up my spine," he
Before long, the rest of
the country would feel it,
too. Houston made her
album debut in 1985 with
"Whitney Houston,"
which sold millions and
spawned hit after hit.
"Saving All My Love for
You" brought her her first
Grammy, for best female
pop vocal. "How Will I
Know," ''You Give Good
Love" and "The Greatest
Love of All" also became
hit singles.
Another multiplatinum
album, "Whitney," came
out in 1987 and included
hits like "Where Do
Broken Hearts Go" and "I
Wanna Dance With
The New York Times
wrote that Houston
"possesses one of her
generation's most
powerful gospel-trained
voices, but she eschews
many of the churchier
mannerisms of her
forerunners. She uses
ornamental gospel
phrasing only sparingly,
and instead of projecting
an earthy, tearful
communicates cool self-
assurance and strength,
building pop ballads to
majestic, sustained
peaks of intensity."
Her decision not to follow
the more soulful
inflections of singers like
Franklin drew criticism by
some who saw her as
playing down her black
roots to go pop and reach
white audiences. The
criticism would become a
constant refrain through
much of her career. She
was even booed during
the "Soul Train Awards"
in 1989.
"Sometimes it gets down
to that, you know?" she
told Katie Couric in 1996.
"You're not black enough
for them. I don't know.
You're not R&B enough.
You're very pop. The
white audience has taken
you away from them."
Some saw her 1992
marriage to former New
Edition member and soul
crooner Bobby Brown as
an attempt to refute
those critics. It seemed
to be an odd union; she
was seen as pop's pure
princess while he had a
bad-boy image, and
already had children of his
own. (The couple had a
daughter, Bobbi Kristina,
in 1993.) Over the years,
he would be arrested
several times, on charges
ranging from DUI to
failure to pay child
But Houston said their
true personalities were
not as far apart as
people may have
"When you love, you love.
I mean, do you stop
loving somebody because
you have different
images? You know,
Bobby and I basically
come from the same
place," she told Rolling
Stone in 1993. "You see
somebody, and you deal
with their image, that's
their image. It's part of
them, it's not the whole
picture. I am not always
in a sequined gown. I am
nobody's angel. I can get
down and dirty. I can get
It would take several
years, however, for the
public to see that side of
Houston. Her moving
1991 rendition of "The
Star Spangled Banner" at
the Super Bowl, amid the
first Gulf War, set a new
standard and once again
reaffirmed her as
America's sweetheart.
In 1992, she became a
star in the acting world
with "The Bodyguard."
Despite mixed reviews,
the story of a singer
(Houston) guarded by a
former Secret Service
agent (Kevin Costner)
was an international
It also gave her perhaps
her most memorable hit:
a searing, stunning
rendition of Dolly Parton's
"I Will Always Love You,"
which sat atop the
charts for weeks. It was
Grammy's record of the
year and best female pop
vocal, and the
"Bodyguard" soundtrack
was named album of the
She returned to the big
screen in 1995-96 with
"Waiting to Exhale" and
"The Preacher's Wife."
Both spawned
soundtrack albums, and
another hit studio album,
"My Love Is Your Love," in
1998, brought her a
Grammy for best female
R&B vocal for the cut "It's
Not Right But It's Okay."
But during these career
and personal highs,
Houston was using
drugs. In an interview
with Oprah Winfrey in
2010, she said by the
time "The Preacher's
Wife" was released,
"(doing drugs) was an
everyday thing. ... I would
do my work, but after I
did my work, for a whole
year or two, it was every
day. ... I wasn't happy by
that point in time. I was
losing myself."
In the interview, Houston
blamed her rocky
marriage to Brown, which
included a charge of
domestic abuse against
Brown in 1993. They
divorced in 2007.
Houston would go to
rehab twice before she
would declare herself
drug-free to Winfrey in
2010. But in the interim,
there were missed
concert dates, a stop at
an airport due to drugs,
and public meltdowns.
She was so startlingly
thin during a 2001 Michael
Jackson tribute concert
that rumors spread she
had died the next day.
Her crude behavior and
jittery appearance on
Brown's reality show,
"Being Bobby Brown,"
was an example of her
sad decline. Her Sawyer
interview, where she
declared "crack is whack,"
was often parodied. She
dropped out of the
spotlight for a few years.
Houston staged what
seemed to be a
successful comeback
with the 2009 album "I
Look To You." The album
debuted on the top of
the charts, and would
eventually go platinum.
Things soon fell apart. A
concert to promote the
album on "Good Morning
America" went awry as
Houston's voice sounded
ragged and off-key. She
blamed an interview with
Winfrey for straining her
A world tour launched
overseas, however, only
confirmed suspicions
that Houston had lost
her treasured gift, as she
failed to hit notes and
left many fans
unimpressed; some
walked out. Canceled
concert dates raised
speculation that she may
have been abusing drugs,
but she denied those
claims and said she was
in great shape, blaming
illness for cancellations.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Profile of that High profile terrorist,Kabiru Sokoto.

Kabiru was born on May 9, 1983 to the family of Umaru Jabbi of Gagi , Sokoto South Local Government Area of Sokoto State.
Following the death of his father, he was adopted by his paternal uncle, Abubakar Dikko, who renamed him after himself.
He completed his primary education at the Model Primary School, Gagi in 1996. He enrolled for secondary education at Ahmadu Bello Academy in 1996 only to abscond soon afterward.
He, however, applied for admission as a fresh JSS 1 student at Sultan Bello Secondary School,Sokoto South LGA, from where he eventually graduated in 2003.
In 2005, he gained admission into the College of Nursing and Midwifery, Sokoto where he exhibited a high level of truancy and extremist tendencies, a situation which accounted for his poor academic performance.
In mid 2007, he absconded again from the institution after refusing to re-take some papers he failed in his examination.
Kabiru was instrumental in bringing the late national leader of the Boko Haram sect,Mohammed Yusuf, to Gagi in February, 2009 during which he was declared leader of the sect in Sokoto State.
Kabiru was arrested by a detachment of Police officers at the Borno State Government lodge in Abuja in company of a senior Airforce officer in January, 2012.
He later escaped from Police detention when during a purported house-search at his Abaji home. This event led to the unceremonious 'retirement' of the then Inspector-General of Police, Hafiz Ringim.
However, he was rearrested on Thursday, 10th of February, 2012. by an elite team of the State Security Service (SSS) in a small town in Taraba State.

Eeyah....Man shot friend,mistook him for an antelope.

In Mokore farm,Orile owu area of Osun State,Mr Moshood went hunting and mistakenly shot his friend,Hammed.He claimed that he thought it was an antelope he was aiming at.After the incident,youths were raging as the community was thrown into pandemonium......Well,i think this incident was really a mistake because,Mr Moshood was the one that went to report the case to the police himself.

What do you think,was this really a mistake...pls drop your comments below.

Beyonce and jay z finally releases photos of Blue Ivy Carter (view photos).

Wow,bey and jay released BIC's photos @ last....OMG!,she's looking like an angel.she's just too beautiful....#Beyonce's carbon copy#

Mastermind behind christmas day bombings @ madalla,kabiru sokoto nabbed.

The State Security
Service (SSS) in concert
with soldiers yesterday,
re-arrested and paraded
the suspected Boko
Haram member, Kabiru
Abubakar Dikko, alias
Kabiru Sokoto, the
alleged mastermind in
the Christmas Day,
2011 bombing of the
Saint Theresa’s Catholic
Church in Madalla, Niger
Kabiru Sokoto, born on
May 9, 1983, was first
arrested by the police in
the middle of January,
but escaped from
lawful custody on
January 15 at Abaji, a
suburb of Abuja, under
very questionable
circumstances, leading
to so much anxiety
within the nation’s
security circle and the
country at large.
Consequent upon his
escape, the
Commissioner of police
(CP), Zakari Biu, who
was said to have sent a
team of few policemen
in a Toyota Hilux, to
conduct a search in
Kabiru’s residence
during which he
escaped, was
suspended from service
while the erstwhile
Inspector General of
Police (IGP) Hafiz Ringim
was compulsorily
retired from office
after being queried by
the Presidency.
Few days after his
escape, the police had
declared Kabiru wanted
and placed a N50million
ransom on his head for
whoever could produce
him, but it appeared
that the moves were
insufficient to have
smoked him out from
his hiding.
However, since Kabiru
could not run for too
long, Soldiers and
personnel of the State
Security Service, who
had been on his trail,
were able to actually re-
arrest him on February
10, at about 0430 hours.
Addressing security
correspondents in
Abuja, the Deputy
Director Public Relations
of the Service, Marilyn
Ogar, who said that
Kabiru Sokoto was
presented hot to the
press to avoid
speculations, however
kept mum on how he
escaped from custody,
claiming that they had
no opportunity of
interrogating him before
his parade.
Ogar, who told
journalists that the re-
arrest was a joint
effort of the military
and the SSS, said that
he was rearrested at
Mutum-Biu in Gassol
Local Government Area
of Taraba State.
“Kabir Sokoto, who
has been linked with
the Christmas Day
bombings at Madalla,
Suleja, Niger State, was
picked up from where
he was hiding in a
clothes-rack, at the
residence of an
accomplice. On his
escape, he had taken
refuge at Umaisha in
Toto Local Government
Area (LGA) of
Nasarawa State before
he fled to Taraba State
where he was
eventually rearrested,”
she said.
In view of this, the SSS
disclosed that the
accomplices, who could
not give Kabiru up in
spite of the whopping
N50million ransom,
were also arrested with
him, but were not
Umar had escaped on
January 14, barely two
days after being picked
up at the Borno State
Governor’s lodge in
Abuja, following an
intensive surveillance on
him for six months by
66 police detectives
drawn from the Force
Criminal Investigation
Department (FCID), the
Counter Terrorism Unit
and Criminal
Investigation Bureau.
It was learnt that
majority of the officers
involved in monitoring
his movement for
almost six months
before his arrest in
Abuja, were about 45
Superintendents of
police (ASPs) who were
trained on tracking
devices and counter-
terrorism operations in
Israel, shortly after the
bombing of the police
force headquarters on
June 16, last year.
It was also gathered
that an analysis of his
mobile phone recovered
by police detectives
after his arrest, had
revealed stunning
recorded conversations
with frontline members
of the Boko Haram sect
as well as some
prominent members of
the society.
Among such recordings
in the phone, according
to highly dependable
sources, was his
conversation with the
suicide bomber who
struck at the Louis Edet
House police
headquarters in Abuja,
a few moments before
the attack.
“It was embarrassing
and painful that Kabir
Sokoto escaped from
custody after his arrest
which took time and
concerted efforts to
actualize. It is true that
his phone had been
recovered, and I can tell
you that the recordings
therein are stunning.
There are so many
highly placed individuals,
mostly politicians,
involved. And from all
indications, the suspect
was deeply involved in
most of the bombings.
In fact, he was the co-
“The suicide bomber
who attacked the force
headquarters in Abuja
made a last minute
phone call within the
radius of the Federal
Secretariat in Abuja on
the day of the incident.
And that call from the
bomber was placed to
Kabiru. And there are
several of such calls and
recordings in his phone
linked to influential
politicians and top
government officials”, a
security source who
pleaded anonymity,
confided in our
Kabiru, is said to have
been born to the family
of Umaru Jabbi of Gagi
village, Sokoto south
LGA of Sokoto State.
Upon the death of his
father, he was adopted
by his paternal uncle,
Abubakar Dikko and
renamed after him.
He was said to have
completed his primary
education at Model
Primary School, Gagi
town in 1996. Although
he enrolled for
Secondary education at
the Ahmadu Bello
Academy in 1996, he
absconded shortly after
and reapplied for
admission as a fresh
Junior Secondary School
(JSS) one student in
Sultan Bello Secondary
School, Sokoto South
LGA, from where he
eventually graduated in
In 2005, he was said to
have gained admission
into the College of
Nursing and Midwifery,
Sokoto. At the school,
Kabiru was alleged to
have exhibited high level
truancy and extremist
tendencies, a situation
which accounted for his
poor academic
In mid-2007, he was
said to have absconded
again from the
institution when he
refused to re-sit some
papers he failed in
He was said to have
been instrumental to
the visit of the late
National leader of the
Boko Haram Sect,
Mohammed Yusuf, to
Gagi village in February,
2009, during which he
was declared leader of
the Sect in Sokoto
Assuring that the
security agencies were
poised to bring to an
end the activities of a
few unscrupulous
elements, Ogar said
that investigation on
Kabir Sokoto was still
ongoing, adding that as
soon as it was
completed, he would be
charged appropriately to

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Spokesman for the presidency confirms the re-arrest of Kabiru Sokoto.

The spokesman for the presidency,Mr Reuben Abati has confirmed the arrest of that useless criminal,kabiru sokoto.Mr Reuben Abati said he was arrested in mutum biu,Taraba state this morning by the State Security Service (SSS) and is being flown down to Abuja today by the Nigerian Air force.

We keep you current.we'll bring you details later.just stay in touch.

Jay z and Beyonce trademarks their little princess,Blue ivy carter.

Don't you think this blue ivy carter thing is getting too much? han han....we heard that her parents bought her a $600000 gold rocking horse,diamond earings,platinum bracelets,hired 6 nannies just for a baby that is barely a month old.Now jay z and beyonce have begun application to trademark her name.Bey and Jay plan to use the brand for a line of baby products,which will include baby cosmetics,diaper bags and other baby products before we know now it's not going to be only unilever products,cussons.....we'll start seeing blue ivy carter's products too....nawa o.

Breaking News-Kabiru sokoto has been re-arrested

Mr kabiru sokoto,the main suspect of the Christmas Day bombing at Madalla,Suleja, in Niger state has been re-arrested.
Sokoto, is suspected to have masterminded the Christams Day 2011 bomb blast at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Madalla, Niger State.
He escaped from a police van while he was being taken to his residence at Abaji, a satellite town in the Federal Capital Territory for a search.
His escape led to the arrest of Zakari Biu, a commissioner of police who is currently being investigated by the police authorities.

We'll bring you details later today.just stay in touch...pls drop your comments below.

Really bizarre...Zambian prostitutes offer free sex as a way of celebrating victory over Ghana.

As in,when you hear some stories sef,you just leave your mouth open wide...wonders shall never end in the land of wonders.Zambian prostitutes offer free sex just because their country won Ghana 1-0.This is shocking!....and this is their own way of celebrating o..mtcheew.I heard that many men were on queue waiting to be served by the prostitutes.A girl to almost 11 HIV be that now.One man was even beaten because he didn't ejaculate quickly and thereby wasting other people's time.Hear what one of the eye witnesses said...."Yes,we beat him up because he took too long to ejaculate. We were too many of us on line and the guy kept on wasting time on top of the prostitute"......Chai,some people no get for this life o,he even still has mouth to talk.

Hurray! Aposle Dee is a year older today.

Your birthday means a lot to me because its God's way of showering blessings on me.To be a good friend and to have a good friend is one of the greatest joys in life.With a friend like you by my side,i couldn't ask for anything more and that's why i wouldn't want you to mind this token that i've done for you because it has come straight from my heart...May God increase you on every side.Long life and prosperity in jesus name.just be expecting me in ur house this night for my own package.lolz.....HBD Aposle dee.

Watch your tongue this period:Gun men shot man dead for talking against Boko haram in kano.

This is big time wickedness indeed........Mr Mohammadu was shot dead by two gunmen for publicly speaking against the big bros sect,boko haram....According to the story,mr mohammadu just had his prayers in the mosque and was returning home when two gun men on motorcycles shot him @ close range twice.After shooting him the two gunmen said "now lets see how you would criticize us again".A witness also confirmed it.........WATCH UR TONGUE.

Dangote cement opens new $1 billion plant.

Nigeria's biggest listed company, Dangote Cement, opened a $1 billion cement plant on Thursday, raising itsproduction capacity in Nigeria by more than 40 percent.
The new plant is situated in Ibese, Ogun State in southeast Nigeria, just outside the commercial hub Lagos. It will produce 6 million metric tonnes of cement per annum (mtpa), which along with Dangote Cement's two other plants will take total production to 20.25 mtpa.
"We are working towards making the company one of the eight biggest producers ofcement in the world," Dangote's billionaire owner Aliko Dangote said at the plantopening.
"With the commissioning of theIbese plant, Nigeria has been transformed from major importer of cement to self-sufficient in production and export."
Mr Dangote said in the next two years the company's Obajana plant, in Kogi state, would have its capacity upgraded to 15 mtpa from 10.25 mtpa currently, which would make it the world's biggest cement plant.
Speaking at the commissioningof the plant, the Ogun state governor, Ibikunle Amosun commended the company for the choice of the state as location for the cement plant. He pleaded with the management of the company to assist the government in fixing the Lagos-Ibadan express road which is in a deplorable state.
President Goodluck Jonathan, who commissioned the plant expressed satisfaction with the expansion of Dangote Cement plants saying that soon Nigeria “will not only be exporter of crude oil, but will be exporter of cement.”
Mr Jonathan hailed the billionaire owner of the plant and said that it was because of Mr Dangote’s contributions to the economy that justified the conferment of Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON) award on him, an award that hitherto have been conferred on Vice President.
The President said that the plant which will directly employ over 7,000 workers will help to reduce the rate of employment in the country and reduce the cost of housing in Nigeria.
He said for the country to achieve its aim of joining the top 20 economy in the world by the year 2020 “we need tomultiply people like Dangote” president don't worry,i'll be one of them...

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in the same hospital for shoulder surgery.

When it comes to action films,these two guyz,Arnold and Stallone must be mentioned.They make the movie look real,as in......Now both of them are currently undergoing shoulder surgery in the same hospital after they filmed expandables 2."After all the action,stunts & physical abuse shooting 'The Expendables 2' and 'The Last Stand,' it was time for a little tune up on my shoulder",Arnold said.Both of them just announced that they are still going to shoot a movie titled 'The tomb'....They no dey taya ni???.

Chai!....544 students rusticated from Enugu state university of Science and Technology (ESUT).

544 students have been rusticated from Enugu state university of Science and Technology because it was learnt they secured admission through illegal means.So y'all that followed back door into that know the rest now.

Man shot dead by policeman for refusing to give #20 bribe in Anambra.

Edwin,a bus driver was shot dead by one policeman yesterday in onitsha,Anambra state just because the driver refused to give him #20 bribe......This story is very shocking o.Hear what the conductor of the bus said....“The policeman stopped my oga at the junction, demanding for #20 bribe and he beat the check-point. But as we were going down to Ose main market, he noticed that the policeman rode on a commercial motorcycle and followed us. When he (the deceased) noticed that the policeman was chasing us, he tried to follow the one-way through New Market Road, but the same policeman followed us and shot at the tyres of the vehicle and we were forced to stop. Then, he came to the door and shot Edwin at a close range in the neck”.....Did you hear that??,what a very wicked world.just because of #20,the cop wasted the man's life.infact,i'm still yet to believe that that killer is a policeman,because from the story,he even injured somebody in a bid to recover that real wa o.

Naija comedian,I Go Dye,now basking in money.

Since gracing the stage of ”Nite of a Thousand Laughs” in 2000, Francis Agoda aka I Go Dye has through his performance made the Opa Williams brand more sell-able and interesting across major cities in Nigeria, across West Africa and Europe.
From a humble profession, comedy has become a major business endeavour and those who know their onions have become incredibly rich through their huge paychecks as performance fees and one of the very few who command mega bucks is I Go Dye, the comedian who hails from Abraka in Delta State, and has been a fan favorite for more than a decade.
Being turned down four times from the stage of ”night of a thousand laugh” is not enough for I Go Dye to resign from his chosen career as his quest to succeed became a major driving force.
It will be recalled that just two years ago, I Go Dye collected a whooping sum of $195,000 from an American Company, Point Gate for a tour of the USA and Europe in ironical contrast to the N100 he received for his first performance back in 1992.
Over the years, his passion and technical know-how in the art has made him the toast of presidents, governors, top citizens in politics and business as well as multinational companies. Even former President Olusegun Obasanjo has also attested to the fact that I Go Dye is a step ahead of his contemporaries as regards his quick spontaneity and stage craft.
It is almost unbelievable to hear that I Go Dye collects between three to five million Naira per event but when you bother to find out how and where he lives, then it will sink in real deep.
A visit to his palatable mansion spoke volume of opulence and wealth. The mansion tucked inside a choice area has an expansive well-trimmed field big enough to serve as a football pitch; a walk into the apartment presents an air of pure royalty.
The main sitting room is tastefully furnished with Italian eighteen-carat gold plated Versace settee which must have cost some whooping thousands of dollars from the high well-designed pop roof down which hangs the magnificent , 60 Lights Maria Theresa chandelier with 24-Karat gold plated frame and dressed with 30% full lead crystals, and some other accessories staggeringly disarming in grandeur and opulence
The sitting room which has a state-of-the-art electronic gadget system from the wall screened 46 inches 3D TV and classical paintings of I Go Dye dressed like Prince Albert. The interior décor looked totally flawless.
Tours of the other sitting room looked a far cry from the previous one and suffice to say that the multiple award-winning humor merchant sure know show to live life to the fullest, an apartment reminiscent of a Roman Palace.
The visible designs of Versace in almost all the dinning settees and kitchen utensils shows that the widely travelled rib-cracker has a serious affinity with the designer.
The seven bedroom mansion has spacious two sitting rooms, a well structured private nite club, with exotic wine bar, a mini cinema, including high -tech game room that can host 10 players at a time. The description can not be complete without mentioning the snooker board, a personal library and multi-media editing suit....

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Boko haram:Nigerians run to cameroon for safety.

Its now that I believe in the saying "the fear of boko haram is the beginning of wisdom".Many Nigerians have started relocating to cameroon,a neighbouring country because of fear of them been killed by the sect.This sect is responsible for the deaths of over 300 innocent nigerians just in this new year 2012...its time to say NO to this evil menace that is gradually eating deep into the fabrics of this great Nation.Why must we run?..people no longer feel safe living in this so called giant of Africa.....WE MUST RECLAIM OUR FREEDOM..#Nigeria,Good people,Great Nation#

Man who has spent 25 years making his own coffin worth $10000.

OMG....I will call this man a 'big time future planner'....imagine the man named Fred Guentert is making his own coffin......*nice planning there fred*.but the surprising aspect there is that he's been building this for the past 25 years,that's one quatre of a century! Well he sure does have something to show for it.This coffin he is to be buried in someday is 7 feet long,weighs 300 pounds and worths $10000.It is made of cedar and hand-painted in royal colors like gold,red,green and black. A hand-carved image of the Egyptian god Osiris adorns the lid.The interior has been decorated with a full-size painting of Nut- the sky goddess......this is really serious o..

Sorry guyz,i'm unable to share the photos due to some reasons.

Hahahahahaha....see what #450,000 BB porsche don cause now.(joke).

Babe: do u still luv me like

Guy: Yes luv! My love for you will
never change.

Babe: That's my babyyyy.

Babe: I want you to buy me something.

Guy: Just name it,i'm ready,i'll do it for you.

Babe:Its just one BB porsche sha...

Guy: No problem.just find out the price and let me know.

Babe: Its N450,000.

Guy: (already getting confused).Is it manual or automatic?Is it still in a good shape,as
in the engine.Have u checked the
fuel consumption too?

Babe: Honey, is not a car o. Its a

Guy:Wow,phone,that means it will have a
fridge,generator set, plasma
and a wardrobe abi?

Babe:Are you buying it or not?

Guy: I cant o!

Babe: Don't even bother again.I'll
call alhaji to get it for me this

Guy:Better still, call Atiku,he will be faster.

Babe:I'm going to delete you.

Guy: Is ur fone hanging? Cos I
have deleted you since you
mentioned porsche.

Verry funny....pls don't forget to drop your comments below.its appreciated.

Jeez!!...5000 policemen deployed as GEJ and vice visit sokoto.

5000 policemen have been deployed as mr President and his vice visits sokoto state for the PDP governorship campaign to ensure that they get adequate security.SSS and Civil defence officers were also deployed o....Omo mehn,e no easy o.GEJ sha be careful.Today is just for the campaign,the election will hold on the 18th of february.

Nawa o.....woman sells her breast milk online.

A young mother, from Exeter,Great Britain is selling her breast milk online to earn extra cash,while on maternity leave.
26-year-old Toni Ebdon gave birth to a boy, and was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the amount of breast milk she was producing. One of her friends even joked that she should start a dairy with the extra milk and cash-strapped Toni took the idea seriously. Using a breast pump she drained the excess milk and stored it in the freezer. Next she went online and put an advert for her breast milk.
Although she was expecting some replies from new mothers who couldn’t produce enough breast milk for their babies,Toni Ebdon was surprised to find that most of the interested clients were men. It might sound weird, but many adults use breast milk to maintain good health , or cure illnesses such as cancer, diarrhea, ordiabetes. Toni charges $26 for 113 grams of her precious milk, and sells it both fresh and stored in the fridge.
The young mother says she hasn’t made loads pf money from selling her breast milk, but since she doesn’t receive full maternity pay, and the baby’s father isn’t able to support them, the extra income is more than welcome. Toni will continue selling breast milk until she dries up, and she’ll definitelydo it again, if she has another guyz,what are you waiting for,start purchasing yours shap shap.

Pls drop your comments below.

Naija man,Pa Ajayi threatens to commit suicide if Ondo state Government doesn't take action.

Pa Ajayi has threatened to kill himself within two months if the Governor of Ondo state fails to intercede in his case on the wrongful demolition of his building comprising of fourshops without compensation after two years.
And according to the Sun newspapers, the 75 years old man stated that his building was wrongfully demolished along with other buildings during the beautification of the state capital and after presenting his documents of the building and other necessary documents to Governor Mimiko who then directed the former Commissioner of Environment,Mr Kunle Asaolu to handle his case.
After inspection of the building, the Commissioner admitted it was wrongfully demolished because it wasn’t close to the road and promised to pay him compensation.
Some few months later after his papers has been processed for compensation his cheque was refused to be released to him due to the fact that the commissioner has been sacked.
Pa Ajayi lamented the agony he has to live through as the only source of his income was destroyed and no compensation paid to him after two years and has decided to go on a three weeks warning hunger strike and if at the end of the three weeks nothing is done to compensate him, he will then go on an indefinite hunger strike that will finally kill him and it will be on record that the government killed him.
The governor of the state Dr olusegun Mimiko has been appealed to come to the aid of Pa Ajayi by way of compensation

Nuhu Ribadu ready to serve his Nation under the PDP led government.

The former presidential candidate (ACN) has accepted his appointment to work under a PDP led government as the chairman of the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force.Nuhu Ribadu has made it clear that he wants to serve his country regardless of the party he comes from.He stated and i quote "if i can serve other countries,there is no reason why i should not serve my fatherland".On the other hand,the party ACN,where he comes from has said that he is on his own adding that PDP just wants to use him so that when he fails,he'll be dumped.I quote the ACN spokesman here... "There is also the possibility that booby-traps will be deliberately set for such credible personalities to guarantee their failure in their stated assignment, after which they will be ridiculed and dumped like an ordinary chump".

Washington state legislature votes for the approval of same sex marriage.

Some groups of lawmakers in washington state voted yesterday,wednesday in favour of a bill that would legalize same sex marriage.The legislature said that they will no longer deny their citizens the opportunity to marry the person they hm....Washington is now going to be the 7th state in the nation to legalize marriage for gay and lesbians.The new law is just awaiting Gov.Christine Gregoire's signature....

Enugu approves #195 million for renovation of public schools.

Public schools in Enugu state will soon take a new look as government has approved #195 million for the necessary renovations needed to be done.The school for the deaf and dumb also will be renovated.Government has promised to construct two new hostel blocks,a sick bay, ICT centre, two lavatories, renovate two buildings and provide perimeter fence around the premises,provide free transport for both the primary and the secondary school students in addition to the free education for students from primary to jss 3.If you can remember vividly,I brought you an article last week about borno state governor trying to do the same in his state.He even promised to contribute his own quota by personally teaching in the classrooms.It seems as if the Education system in Nigeria is really improving.

Wicked world--Man rapes 35 year old lady during fasting.

In Oyo state,Mokola area to be precise,Evelyn was raped by her neighbour on the seventh day being the last day of her prayer and fasting as directed by her pastor.The incident happened when the neighbour,mr Jide Afolabi,disguised himself as a lady and went to her room,covered her eyes and mouth with a pillow and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her.Evelyn struggled and managed to escape to cry for help.She was assisted by a good samaritan who took her to her church and reported to the pastor.The suspect who is a barber has confessed,adding that it was the handiwork of the devil.Evelyn is very bittered now.she said she had been keeping herself for her own husband until this ugly incident. happened.Mr jide is presently in police custody and is expected to appear in court soon..............Eyin galz,be extra careful o.

Nuhu Ribadu to work under jonathan's government as chairman of Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force.

The former EFCC boss,mallam Nuhu Ribadu has just been appointed as the chairman of the petroleum revenue special task force.some few members were also appointed so as to help Mallam Nuhu.Expectations are high now as Nigerians would want to see a very transparent,accountable and changed petroleum sector.Some of their Aims and Objectives are listed below.
*Working with consultants and experts to determine andverify all petroleum upstream and downstream revenues (taxes, royalties, etc.) due and payable to the Federal Government;
*Taking all necessary steps to collect all debts due and owing;
*Obtaning agreements and enforcing payment terms by all oil industry operators;
*Designing a cross debt matrix between all agencies and parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources;
*Developing an automated platform to enable effective tracking, monitoring, and online validation of income and debt drivers of all parastatals and agencies in the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources;
*Working with world class consultants to integrate systems and technology across the production chain todetermine and monitor crude oil production and exports, ensuring at all times, the integrity of payments to the Federal Government of Nigeria; and
*Submit monthly reports for ministerial review and further action.
The President had on January1, 2012 announced the full deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry as part of measures to free governmentfunds for capital expenditure.
The government said deregulation which implied government’s granting of subsidies on petroleum products had resulted in a bigdrain on the federal purse as an estimated N1.3trillion was spent to subsidise petrol alone between January and November last year.
Government also said the subsidy regime had hampered efforts to attract investors into the industry, especially those keen on floating refineries. The government said investors were wary to put in their money in a climate where the prices of their end-products would not be determined by market forces, but by government regulated prices. Such a climate, the investors argued, would mar the ability to recoup investments on time and coulderode profit margins.
The government believes the best panacea to the woes in the industry was deregulation.But the policy announcement was stiffly resisted by Labourand civil right groups who protested the exhorbitant cost on goods and services following the hike in the price of petrol from N65 to N141 a litre.
Labour also argued that the government lacked the legal right to effect policy changes in the industry until the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) was signed into law. They also insisted that those who mismanaged the operations and maintenance of the four state-owned refineries be brought to book because it was their inefficiency that had forced the country into becoming a net importer of petroleum products.
Had the country operated functional refineries, Labour said, the cost on petrol would not have shot up to N140 per litre, even in a deregulated Mr Nuhu Ribadu,the ball is in your court...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chris brown and Rihanna together again?

Its almost 3 years now that chris brown assulted Rihanna....but now the story we're hearing is that they are now spending time together again.on Monday,they were together for almost 5 hours in Rihanna's dressing room...jeez! Well i just hope chris is not going to abandon his girl friend,karrueche.

Ghanian star actor,Van Vicker to be honoured @ the Pan African Film Award in USA.

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker to be honored alongside Hollywood heavyweights Loretta Divine and Meagan Good at the Pan African Film Festival and here's a brief chat nollywood gossip had with him....

Wow,first ever Nollywood/Ghollywood actor to be honored at the Pan African film festival. How do you feel?

I feel very blessed that God has done it for me again.

Did you see it coming?

No, I didn’t see it coming. And I am glad that even though I don’t know my future, I can at least work towards trying to shape it the best way it can.

Any message for your fans out there?

I want to thank all of you, because I couldn’t have done it without anyone of you.

Are you working on any project at the moment?

Well, I am about to direct, produce and star in my first movie for this year, which will be my 4th produced movie and that means I’m down 5 to go for 2012.

To the up comers who wish to be like you, any message for them?

It’s a tough and highly competitive industry, but you can make it.

Nollywoodgossip wishes you the best.

Thanks very much.

Jennifer Aniston expecting twins.

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are really getting ready to welcome two new kids.
Jennifer is putting all her energy into this new life.she's just too excited....
The 42 year old actress recently purchased a
$21 million mansion,which will
have plenty of room for her new kids.Jennifer is having a boy and a girl, so she wants the room to reflect that
equally.They have had their architect design
plans to turn two
bedrooms next to the master suite into a
super plush nursery.She buys nothing but the best no matter the cost.....i even heard that she wants two specially designed strollers,blue and pink,one for walking,one for jogging and the other for travelling.....omo,too much money....

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Not again! Explosions rock military barracks in Kaduna.

Bomb explosion was said to have rocked a military barracks in kaduna state today,tuesday.Thank God for the presence of NEMA @ the explosion scene that prevented loss of lives although injuries were sustained.An eye witness said he saw soilders being brought out of the barracks with different cuts on their body.Well everybody is suspecting Boko haram for the perpetration of this evil act.

Justin beiber's bodyguard beats up paparazzo.

These oyinbos sef....imagine what i heard o,justin beiber had just arrived from the airport.when he entered his SUV to leave the airport,one paparazzo like that stood infront of the car and started taking snap shots.justin's bodyguard,an israeli soldier warned him to get away from the front of the car,the guy didnt answer o.After several warnings,the bodyguard knocked him off and beat him up severely until the police came and arrested the it by force to snap??ha!nawa o

Gov. Shettima creates job for the masses.

Inorder to overcome theBoko Haraminsurgency andinsecurity to livesand property inBorno State,Governor KashimShettima has decided to embark on a massive jobcreation projectin the agricultural,education andinfrastructuraldevelopmentsectors so thatunemployedyouths could befully absorbed,instead ofresorting toviolence andother criminalactivities.he emphasized that the education system in borno has collapsed given rise to many idle youth and in view of this Gov. Shettima promised to contribute his own quota in the education sector by personally teaching in the classrooms.

Queen Elizabeth celebrates 60 years on the throne.

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her diamond jubilee (60 years) on the throne as the queen of England on Monday,6th of february.many well wishers came greeting her.She promised to be more commited in serving the british people.She thanked them for the support they have been giving her and her husband,prince philip over the years.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Latest gist on OAU 's resumption.

Dear Oauites,i just came across one news about resumption now,but i don't want to believe that it's true o.....i heard that we are resuming end of the month.Why?,they said they want to renovate their hostels.I got to know about this info. when my dad called Mr kuku,i don't know if any of you knows him.....he also said that we all should have it @ the back of our mind that accomodation fee is now going to be around #50,000 and no more #20,000....buh anyhow sha,lets still keep watching out cos i heard information will be updated on net 2moro.....take heart y'all.

feel free to post your comments ryt under this post.

Patience Ozokwo holds 10th year rememberance service for her late hubby.

Star Actress,patience ozokwo popularly known as mama G recently held a 10th year rememberance service for her late husband.she said even though its being 10 years now,her husband's death is still fresh in her memory.The programme was held in her home town with many renowned attendees from all over the world........May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Wonders shall never end....Man that heals all forms of diseases with just 'pure water'.

Nawa o,nothing wey we no go see 4 this life.See this man,Mallam Alhassan Goni claims that he can heal any kind of disease with just pure water.He said he has healed almost 2 million people of several diseases even Aids.Goni lives in sokoto,the area where mallam usman danfodio was buried to be specific.....could that be the source of his power???.i even heard that people no longer go to all these modern hospitals.All road leads to the spiritualist house...ehn ehn,hear this one again o,he said the pure water must be NAFDAC certified......hahahahahaha.#funny world#

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Murtala Nyako wins Adamawa gubernatorial election

INEC has declared Admiral Murtala Nyako the winner of Adamawa election that was conducted yesterday saturday.Nyako of PDP scored
302,953 votes to beat
Engineer Markus Gundiri of the ACN, to a second place with 241,023.
Gen. Mohahamed Buba Marwa of the CPC scored 107,546,
to place third, while DR
Zainabu Kwonchi came fourth with 2,846 votes.

Beyonce and jay z lavish care on their baby,blue ivy carter.

I would be forced to conclude that Blue ivy carter is not just born with a silver spoon but a diamond spoon.......Beyonce and Jay Z have really lavished care on their little mama.They want nothing but the best for her.I heard beyonce has hired 6 nannies for ivy,her diapers is changed every hour,jay z bought her diamond earrings and platinum bracelets and a gold rocking horse worth $600,000 approximately #97,200,000........wat!!!...the girl that doesn't know anything yet.infact,its a big waste joor!

Angelina jolie expects another set of TWINS.

Star actress,Angelina jolie and brad pitt have become very successful maritally talking about kids...Jolie who already has 6 kids;maddox,pax,zahara,shiloh,knox and vivienne is expecting another set of twins,making it the 7th and 8th children.Wow!,that's really great...

Saturday, 4 February 2012

justin beiber thrills fans with his shirtless skateboarding exhibition.

I'm sure some of you guyz are already tripping 4 this pics.....lolz.but seriously,i can't wait to be popular o....just because justin beiber came outside his recording studio @ miami to skateboard and removed his shirt..come and see crowd,ehn...wonders shall never end.I even heard that people waited there for about 5 hours.wat!!...The most annoying thing there was that a girl even asked for his shirt.can u imagine?????

The darkest hour (movie).

Two young American men travel to Moscow to sell their social networking/partyfinding software only to find their software is already being sold by the Russian team they were to sell it to, led by a Swedish businessman. While commiserating in the company of attractive women they and many other people see an aurora-like apparition in the sky. Some of this light breaks off and lands nearby and when approached it disintegrates the human who approached it. More lights fall and aliens, invisible and protected by force fields, start attacking.The two Americans,the Swedish businessman and two women hide for several days. When they leave their hide out, they notice that electrical devices activate when an invisible alien is near and they soon learn to use light bulbs as detectors since the bulb will glow when aliens approach.The group learns thatthe entire world has apparently been invaded. The Swedish businessman is killed and the remainder head towards a light in the distance. The light is coming from a
building in which there is a woman and a man, the latter of whom has constructed a Faraday cage that keeps the aliens out as well as a microwave device that he expects will help fight the aliens.Despite suffering casualties, they meet up with Russian police who manage to wound an alien with conventional weapons.The policemen believe that the aliens are stripmining Earth for metal.The survivors in the group make it to a submarine and build another microwave gun with the help of the crew, and plan to spread to other survivors their knowledge about how to fight the invaders effectively. They learn that Parisians have managed to destroy one of the alien mining towers and the film ends on a hopeful guyz,what are you waiting for,go grab YOUR own copy!

Basketmouth records first music album.

Bright okpocha,popularly known as Basketmouth has decided to release his first music album before the end of june 2012.He is popularly known for comedy but has finally decided to go back to his first love-music,since he was a rapper back @ school...He has already released a single titled 'where you dey' featuring wizkid and eldee y'all support him,sure he'll make it.

Abu Qaqa confesses under SSS custody.

Abu Qaqa himself has finally confessed that he is the real Abu Qaqa and not Abu darda.He said abul darda is the head of lagina (dept) of enlightment and not the spokesman.The sect now are saying that the government have betrayed them by deceiving them to come for dialogue.Here's what they said....."He volunteered to present himself for the dialogue but was betrayed.Everybody knows our capability and tactics of operation. It is evidently clear that none of our members could be caught on a platter of gold and without confrontation"......I'm loving this.Thumbs up SSS.

Prof. Omo Omoruyi would have been killed like kudirat (part 2)....Interview.


Annulment of June 12 deprived Maryam of winning Nobel Prize.

And let me tell you if Abiola had become the President,MaryamBabangida would have won the Nobel Prize because for the first time, that Kenyan woman Wangari Maathai who got the prize and Mrs Babangida were two popular women who were pioneering women development in this country.Maryam was pioneering Better Life for Rural Women.It was unique.And the Kenyan woman was pioneering their forestation.Abiola helped Mrs Babangida a lot inpursuing that agenda worldwide. There were two things MKO pursued and if he had become President,he would have made this country proud. One of the things MKO would have pursued to the end was reparation. Abiola also pursued Maryam'sagenda. MKO gave money to pursue the concept of reparation. And I remember attending a conference on reparation in the US . He wanted the whites to return all our stolen artifacts.Babangida was very proud of the reparation thing and he carried it to the OAU. I am sure that thing is dead today
which is sad also. So the annulment ofJune 12, killed these two items unfortunately.Mrs Babangida would have won the Prize if Babangida had not annulled the June 12 election.We will think that it was Abiola who lost, but that is not true.We all lost. I was very close to Abiola. We were together at the Constituent Assembly in 1977 and I warned him that the people he was going out with will not make him President. He said no it cannot be.But I said to him,good luck. When he joined the SDP, fortunately or unfortunately,I told him there was vacancy in Aso. What does that mean, that Babangida was ready to go. Maybe I was wrong.The way the man ended still haunts me. When I sat on my bed and remember him, I regretted asking him to run for the election.In 1994, he visited me at my hospital bed, he was a good man.May his soul and that of Kudirat rest in peace.

IBB's decision to retire from politics.

I managed his exit twice, 1993 and 1996. In 1996I went to him, to tell him that Gen.Obasanjo was tricking him.
But it took him time to believe me.When he finally believed me, I said go to him and find out. I managed his exit but that time people around him were saying why must he get out. And I am glad he got out because Obasanjo would have humiliated him. And I was not happy when he was involved in this zoning thing because I know he does not believe in that.If you read the speech IBB delivered in 1988 at the constituent Assembly, which I drew up for him, we rejected zoning, we rejected religion ,we rejected many of these things. So when he started the zoning thing, I said may be he has found new consultants. So,saying he is quitting politics today is not a big deal. He should have quit since,even before Jonathan'selection and support Jonathan who is from the minority.

Boko Haram

It raises fundamental question whether this country can continue as one. I have said it long ago that this country cannot continue as one under the present arrangement.Some people said I am trying to disintegrate the country, I said no that is
not the issue. What ever the Boko Haram are preaching should be obvious to all of us now. I don't blame Jonathan because he does not have an answer, which is unfortunate.Look at what happened to us now at African Union. He was to be made the President of the AU but because the home is not in order they gave it to Boni Yayi of Republic of Benin . So that is the kind of problem we are having today because the home is not inorder. I have said it over and over if you read the tale of June 12, that we can only bring about peace through a fundamental restructuring of this country.At one time I said there are two questions,how Nigerians can live together and how Nigeria can be governed.Those two issues have not been addressed.Nigerians cannot live together under the present arrangement.Don't let us deceive ourselves. Whatever Boko Haram preaches and response from government,they are all in error.

Prof. Omo Omoruyi would have been killed like kudirat (part 1)....Interview.

An interview with the former director general of centre of democratic studies (CDS) Prof. Omo Omoruyi.

How would you react to the death sentence passed on Maj.Hamza Mustapha by the court?

Honestly, this whole thing is making me remember a lot and it is making me sad. Many of our love ones have been wasted in this country and yet we have not changed as a nation. The death of Kudirat Abiola reminds me of what I passed through when I was shot February 3, 1994.We were not surprised because at that time, you will recall the Abacha period, many people were being killed and some of us were lucky that we survived.So a day before she was killed,she called me just as the husband also spoke to me a night before he was arrested. I am very close to them and I know how committed she was to the June 12, and the actualization ofher husband'smandate but unfortunately,Nigeria was not prepared to fight for democracy and that was how she died. It remains one of the many sore issues in this country which we never
really appreciated.To me, just as I felt it when she was killed, so also I felt when the husband died because the death of her husband was really possible because of the annulment of June 12. Their death was only possible because of the death of June 12. So when I left this country, I left with only one suitcase and all I had in it was about three shirts and two trousers. I wept when she died.And when one started reading about Mustapha and so on, and how it dragged on for too long, it is sad.If you read some of my writings,you will read when Gen.Useni asked me to go and meet Mustapha, and that Mustapha will take me to Abacha. I spent three nights in Lagos. He spoketo me but I could not see Abacha.I came to Benin and of course, I met my waterloo in Benin . I was shot. And I ask somebody to go to the police stations in Benin City and find out how far about my incident. He said yes the police knew about it but they have removed all the files that have to do with my case. And yet, the Commissioner of Police came
with Ogbemudia to see me in the hospital.And the man said Prof., don't you know that they after you? But before then, they have served us a notice that they will close my mouth if I won't stop talking. So when I remember February 3, 1994 when I was shot and I am still carrying eight pellets in my lower hip today, I don't have to be reminded that I could also have died. When you read one article titled "When Violence Buffets a Nation", you will see my name on the list ofthose who survived the Abacha era. You will also see the list of those who were killed. I am still carrying eight pellets in my lower hip.So one went through all these,then now came another one called cancer. Asa matter of fact,it was after Rewane's death that Baba Enahoro fled. He left because he knew they were going to go after him. I left the country immediately I came back from London . I managed to come to UNIBEN to enable me seek for a place in America. They said I opened my big mouth then and Abacha'speople went to attack
UNIBEN authority.Then, why did they allow me to flee the country?The VC then told them that I went on leave. So due to the pressure, he decided to cancel my leave and said that I should pack out of the office within 24 hours but I was already in the United States. My lawyer Barr.Omonuwa has to go, change the door, the keys, took out my books and gave the book to the University of Benin.Up till date,UNIBEN has not acknowledged that library which I gave to them.And then the Minister of Education, my friend Prof.Tunde Adeniran was the one who reinstated me in UNIBEN because before then, my file had disappeared from the university.Prof.Adeniran now came and said no, it will be wrong not to reinstate me after I served the school for years. That was how they reinstated me and granted me my leave and my pension.When one looked at all that and you look at the long list of those who died, then you begin to wonder, nothing has changed as far I am concerned in this country. And Kudi's children are about six or seven and
with the help of the international community, we took them to the US . The eldest of them Hamzat worked so hard to raise the be cont'd.

Just click on the part 2...

Rumours! Rumours! Rumours!....Eddie Murphy is not dead!.

A lot of reports circulating on the internet have it that EddieMurphy is dead.I really wonder where all these rumours emanate from.If you can remember,we brought report earlier on about chief pete Edochie's death rumour.These are all lies!.....we even heard these people are also dead;Tooshort,Will Smith,Jaden Smith, Mac Miller,TigerWoods,Soulja boy....They are not true!