Saturday, 4 February 2012

The darkest hour (movie).

Two young American men travel to Moscow to sell their social networking/partyfinding software only to find their software is already being sold by the Russian team they were to sell it to, led by a Swedish businessman. While commiserating in the company of attractive women they and many other people see an aurora-like apparition in the sky. Some of this light breaks off and lands nearby and when approached it disintegrates the human who approached it. More lights fall and aliens, invisible and protected by force fields, start attacking.The two Americans,the Swedish businessman and two women hide for several days. When they leave their hide out, they notice that electrical devices activate when an invisible alien is near and they soon learn to use light bulbs as detectors since the bulb will glow when aliens approach.The group learns thatthe entire world has apparently been invaded. The Swedish businessman is killed and the remainder head towards a light in the distance. The light is coming from a
building in which there is a woman and a man, the latter of whom has constructed a Faraday cage that keeps the aliens out as well as a microwave device that he expects will help fight the aliens.Despite suffering casualties, they meet up with Russian police who manage to wound an alien with conventional weapons.The policemen believe that the aliens are stripmining Earth for metal.The survivors in the group make it to a submarine and build another microwave gun with the help of the crew, and plan to spread to other survivors their knowledge about how to fight the invaders effectively. They learn that Parisians have managed to destroy one of the alien mining towers and the film ends on a hopeful guyz,what are you waiting for,go grab YOUR own copy!

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