Tuesday, 14 February 2012

OMG! Some worst dressed celebs @ the 54th grammy award night (view photos).

You know,it took me time to believe that these celebs actually came for the award night....oyinbo sha...

This is ur one time rihanna in that shit....tell me,how does she feel now

hm hm hm,nicki herself,she really out gagad lady gaga....lolz.Continue with photos,click here

Nicki minaj and Pope

and you call this one dressing??...nawa o

shit,this disgusts

yes yes yes,the "machine gun cloth" woman....lolz.This is really awkward i must confess

All your worst dressed celebs in one

All your worst dressed celebs in one.


Khotkidken said...

Kk... 1 Thing i know is thatyounot a fan of fashion trends. That is, you know nothing about them so you cant critize.
Aside Nicki, The Transformer lady and the overflapped Bluegown lady, the other trends are fabulous (even those thigh-cut gowns(Riri)). So i think you just put in some best dressed ladies here and mis-typed the title of this page. ;-)

brainybamz said...

Hahahahahahaha,4ni u...u call those ones best dressed?..not at all.

Anonymous said...

dis is crazy nt fashion

Anonymous said...

Ooooh,thank God say u too c am o...i tot i was d only one....*crazeshion*