Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nawa o.....woman sells her breast milk online.

A young mother, from Exeter,Great Britain is selling her breast milk online to earn extra cash,while on maternity leave.
26-year-old Toni Ebdon gave birth to a boy, and was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the amount of breast milk she was producing. One of her friends even joked that she should start a dairy with the extra milk and cash-strapped Toni took the idea seriously. Using a breast pump she drained the excess milk and stored it in the freezer. Next she went online and put an advert for her breast milk.
Although she was expecting some replies from new mothers who couldn’t produce enough breast milk for their babies,Toni Ebdon was surprised to find that most of the interested clients were men. It might sound weird, but many adults use breast milk to maintain good health , or cure illnesses such as cancer, diarrhea, ordiabetes. Toni charges $26 for 113 grams of her precious milk, and sells it both fresh and stored in the fridge.
The young mother says she hasn’t made loads pf money from selling her breast milk, but since she doesn’t receive full maternity pay, and the baby’s father isn’t able to support them, the extra income is more than welcome. Toni will continue selling breast milk until she dries up, and she’ll definitelydo it again, if she has another guyz,what are you waiting for,start purchasing yours shap shap.

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Ubong Inyang said...

Hahaha.. Creativity xtil xist! Hola! Toni!

Ayobami Okediji. said...

Hahahaha,ubong,as in,4 real o.....funny world.