Thursday, 16 February 2012

OMG! This is deadly! World's fattest man (view photos).

yes,i'm sure this will serve as an eye opener for some people who can't just do without eating something @ one point or the other.Sure you can see that pic,its Keith Mann,the world's fattest man...that's the aftermath of too much eating, not eating good foods o...junks.Keith Mann, a 58-stone man has revealed he is tended to by seven carers a day,costing an estimated £50,000 a year to the taxpayer.
Mr Martin, 42, has been unable to work for more than a decade owing to his weight and cannot move from his reinforced bed.
As well as his carers, who wash and change him in two shifts, he also receives visits from two nurses every other day who tend tohis bed sores.
Yet despite the huge drain on public funds, Mr Martin, who is trying to lose weight to qualify for a gastric band,claimed people should not judge him.
He told the Daily Mail: “It’s either that or I would end up dead. Until people have lived like it, they can’t judge.
“Some people need help. Smokers get help, rock climbers get help if they get injured. Some people have bigger problems than others.
“I am trying to get my weight down. Hopefully it won’t be too long.”
Mr Martin, of Hendon, north London, said he was able to enjoy a normal life until his mother, Alma, died when he was 16.
His parents had separated when he was small and his father, Henry, a hospital porter, passed away within acouple of years of his mother.
Mr Martin left school with just a few qualifications and worked as a warehouseman and labourer until his weight,and the resultant lack of mobility and breathlessness,made it impossible.
Taunts of “Dumbo” about hissize from passersby in his younger days failed to curb his appetite. By 2001 his weight resulted in him being taken to hospital for the firsttime.
Speaking in his ground floor bedroom in his council house, he said: “Since then the only times I’ve left home have been in the back of a van to move to this house when we were rehoused or in an ambulance to go to hospital.
“I blame myself, I don’t blame anyone else. It was my fault, I am the one who ate the food. No one held a gun to my head and made me. I hate what I have done to myself.
“I let myself go. It wasn’t comfort eating, I just didn’t care. I got so bloated on sausages, bacon and roast dinners. I just ate whatever Ifelt like.”
Mr Martin, who has outgrown his size 8XL clothes, is 5ft 9in tall but has a 6ft waist. He has also been diagnosed with depression and had heart problems.
When he has to go to hospital, a specialist team which uses a £90,000 adapted ambulance for obese people is needed to move him. Up to eight ambulance officers manoeuvre him from his bed to the ambulance by stretcher or a special bag which can be used to drag him along the floor.
They last went to his aid in the autumn after he fell at home. Since then,Mr Martin has remained in bed and, in between visits from his carers, spends his days watching his 42 inch plasma television, playing on his games console or reading.
Yesterday Mr Martin added; “I’ve been told to lose weight or I won’t see 50. I’ve cut down a massive amount on what I used to eat....


Anonymous said...

Nawa o! Dis is deadly

Adeoxy said...

Wat!!!....iz diz a human being...i can imagine how he feels now.shit.breathing iz goinu b real work 4 him.