Friday, 10 February 2012

Man shot dead by policeman for refusing to give #20 bribe in Anambra.

Edwin,a bus driver was shot dead by one policeman yesterday in onitsha,Anambra state just because the driver refused to give him #20 bribe......This story is very shocking o.Hear what the conductor of the bus said....“The policeman stopped my oga at the junction, demanding for #20 bribe and he beat the check-point. But as we were going down to Ose main market, he noticed that the policeman rode on a commercial motorcycle and followed us. When he (the deceased) noticed that the policeman was chasing us, he tried to follow the one-way through New Market Road, but the same policeman followed us and shot at the tyres of the vehicle and we were forced to stop. Then, he came to the door and shot Edwin at a close range in the neck”.....Did you hear that??,what a very wicked world.just because of #20,the cop wasted the man's life.infact,i'm still yet to believe that that killer is a policeman,because from the story,he even injured somebody in a bid to recover that real wa o.

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