Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's as if Whitney Houston predicted her death...check this out.

Friends close to the fallen R&B superstar have revealed that Whitney Houston had a premonition her end was near, telling them that she, "really wanted to see Jesus."
Sources say that in Whitney's final days she became extremely spiritual, having long discussions about Jesus Christ and the after life with her close friends.TMZ reports that after she performed, "Yes Jesus Loves Me" at Tru nightclub in Hollywood, Whitney told one of her friends, "I'm gonna go see Jesus ... I want to see Jesus."
Friends also revealed that hours before her death, Whitney was discussing a bible passage involving John the Baptist and Jesus ... when Houston flashed a big smile and remarked, "You know, he's so cool ... I really want to see that Jesus." Another source tells us ... Whitney had been telling friends she "felt like her timewas coming."
Unfortunately, Whitney's premonition came true..........well well well,whitney,i really hope you're with that Jesus you've be craving for,because hm hm hm hm........#did i say anything?

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