Thursday, 16 February 2012

From the pulpit @ the central parish: Buried blessings shall resurrect.

Hi my esteemed readers,i was @ the RCCG central parish in Abuja,sure some of you who reside here'll know the church. I went for a weekly programme, it was so awesome, and i just deemed it fit to bless you guyz with the word from the bulletin.....Read and be blessed.

And i was afraid,and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo,there thou hast that is thine. Matt 25:26.

One of the prophecies given by our father in the lord, Pastor E.A Adeboye for the 2012 is that lost opportunities shall be recovered.I also believe that for everyone using this prayer bulletin,whatever opportunities you have lost shall be regained in jesus name.
Many people are suffering in life not because they were destined for suffering but because their blessings in life have been buried.May that blessing that is yours never be buried in jesus name. Like in the case of the man with the one talent that went and buried it, some people have downplayed nn the things that would have moved them up the ladder of victory and success while labouring in the things that will never prosper them.
This is the case with people that are on the wrong jobs, wrong marriages, wrong businesses, wrong relationships etc. No matter how much these people try, the best they would get will be a wrong output. Why? When the input is wrong, the output also shall be wrong.
Aside this, there are also people in life whose agenda it is to bury the good meant for others. You have them in different places; families, offices, schools etc. The activities of these people have put many in untold hardship. They would sit on peoples files to delay or stop their promotions, award of contracts, employment etc. They enjoy burying other's blessings like the brothers of joseph that threw him (his dreams) in the pit.

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