Monday, 6 February 2012

Wonders shall never end....Man that heals all forms of diseases with just 'pure water'.

Nawa o,nothing wey we no go see 4 this life.See this man,Mallam Alhassan Goni claims that he can heal any kind of disease with just pure water.He said he has healed almost 2 million people of several diseases even Aids.Goni lives in sokoto,the area where mallam usman danfodio was buried to be specific.....could that be the source of his power???.i even heard that people no longer go to all these modern hospitals.All road leads to the spiritualist house...ehn ehn,hear this one again o,he said the pure water must be NAFDAC certified......hahahahahaha.#funny world#


Anonymous said...

Hahha lmao...sign of end time

Ayobami Okediji. said...

yeh,dats just the fact,i too was suprysd wen i heard 4ni tin iz dat he doesnt kolect moni....hahahaha,i lafta