Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nuhu Ribadu ready to serve his Nation under the PDP led government.

The former presidential candidate (ACN) has accepted his appointment to work under a PDP led government as the chairman of the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force.Nuhu Ribadu has made it clear that he wants to serve his country regardless of the party he comes from.He stated and i quote "if i can serve other countries,there is no reason why i should not serve my fatherland".On the other hand,the party ACN,where he comes from has said that he is on his own adding that PDP just wants to use him so that when he fails,he'll be dumped.I quote the ACN spokesman here... "There is also the possibility that booby-traps will be deliberately set for such credible personalities to guarantee their failure in their stated assignment, after which they will be ridiculed and dumped like an ordinary chump".

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