Monday, 13 February 2012

Late Whitney Houston's daughter,Bobbi kristina hospitalized.

Whitney and Bobbi.

Whitney's daughter,Bobbi,18 after hearing of her mum's death was devastated,she was shocked.I learnt that she has been hospitalized now due to "nervous breakdown".Last night,Feb 11,she had rushed to the Beverly Hilton Hotel after hearing that her mother had passed away but she was denied access into her mum's room to see her body.She was yelling,cursing and demanding to see her mother’s body but all to no avail....Whitney’s stylist,hairdresser and two bodyguards were in the hotel suite and worried when she was in the bathroom for over an hour before the Clive Davis ‘ pre-Grammys party.When she didn’t respond to knocking,her female hairdresser went in the bathroom and screamed after discovering her body.She had drowned in the bathroom with bottles of pills around her......RIP Whitney.

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