Sunday, 12 February 2012

Reasons why Jay Jay okocha went to an indian club.

Its almost two months now that former super eagles player went to join a football club in india.Many rumours are already spreading that Okocha went to the club because he was financially broke....NO!.."He just wanted to be part of indian football history and not because he was broke financially",a FIFA licenced players' agent,Mr Nwankwo Kujah said.He also reacted to peoples inquisitiveness about Okocha's return to football,he said that there's nothing bad if Okocha decides to start playing football again adding that there are many super eagles' players that are older than Okocha,45 and are still on the y'all that are good at spreading rumours,keep spreading them o...jealousy,the young dude has already made it.

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