Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Boosting your self confidence.

self confidence

This is so interesting,i mean so on point,I just read this and just felt like sharing it for the world to read and learn,learn how to boost your self confidence,hope you'll enjoy it.....
Nobody cares about you.furthermore,nobody thinks about you,watches you,keeps track of what you're wearing,or notices the words you mispronounce.And yes this is a wonderful news! Why? Nearly all of us,nearly all the time are deathly afraid dat we'll say the wrong thing,do the wrong thing,or just generally look like a complete idiot.You think you're different?when you walk into a
networking event, what are you thinking,when you are introduced to someone new,are you trying to remember the name or are you instead of thinking something witty or clever to say just to make a good impression.Do you have fear when you are in a job interview?,Are you
petrified to give a public speech?,Do you resist speaking up in a meeting even if you have something important to share?
I think to some degree,all
of us have this fear of
constantly being watched,criticized,and judged.It
might motivate a few to
do their best work,but for
most,this haunting belief
that we always have to be
“on” can be paralyzing.
Why take a chance -even a seemingly small
chance-if you think
everyone is watching and
ready to judge you? You
don’t speak up in the
meeting.You socialize
with colleagues at a
networking event instead
of connecting with
someone new. You resist
sharing a good story that
highlights your skills as
the perfect job candidate.
In your effort to look your
best,you focus too much
on yourself and how
others will perceive you
instead of your work and
what’s most important.Now the fact is,nobody performs well
under constant scrutiny-real or imagined.In fact,psychologists use
the term “imaginary
audience” to describe this
heightened state of
vigilance that is especially
strong during
imaginary audience is this
belief that we have a
group or followers that
are watching,dissecting and judging our every
move.But the keyword
here is “imagined.”You are not the center of
the universe.Nobody
really cares about your
every move.Nobody is
watching,and if they
happen to be,they are far
less concerned with what
you are doing and much
more focused on what
YOU are thinking about
them.That’s the irony of
this.You think you are so
important that everyone
cares what you do,when
infact,everyone is so
preoccupied with
themselves that they don’t
even notice or care what
you are doing.And while this realization
that you are not the center
of everyone’s universe
may depress you initially,I hope you’ll find that it is
actually a huge blessing in
disguise.Why? It’s lets
you take chances without
fear of judgment.You can
raise your hand,speak
your mind,share your
ideas,and take bold risks
without (significant)
consequences.And here’s
the interesting part.......the
second you realize there is
no imaginary audience
critiquing your every
move and the less you
care what others think,the more freedom you’ll
have to do your best
work.Of course,once you start
doing your best work,that imaginary audience
might not be in your head-people might then
actually start to notice
I'm sure you have really been motivated today,you can stand tall......

Facts about life.

1.Never give up on
happen everyday.
2.Be brave even if
your not,pretend
to be.No one can
tell the difference.
3.Think big
small pleasures.
4.Learn to listen.
sometimes knocks
very softly.
5.Never deprive
someone of hope,
it might be all they
6.Strive for
7.Don't waste
time greiving over
past mistakes.
Learn from them
and move on.
8.When someone
hugs you let them
be the first to let
9.Never cut what
can be untied.
10.Don't expect
life to be fair.
comes to the one
that acts first.
12.Never waste
an oppurtunity to
tell someone you
love them.
13.Remember that
nobody makes it
alone.Have a
greatful heart and
be quick to
those who help
underestimate the
power of a kind
word or deed.
15.Laugh alot.A
good sense of
humor cures
almost all of life's
16.Don't miss the
magic of the
moment by
focusing on whats
to come.
17.Don't always be quick to give up,always give your best.
18.Above all,God first.No one makes it without God.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Nigerians in heaven (joke).

Angel gabriel came to the lord looking very angry."I have to talk to you sir,i have some nigerians up here in heaven who are causing serious problems".
Gabriel described how the nigerians swing on the pearly gates,have spilled maggi sauce and ogbono soup all over the angel's robes and scattered isi-ewu,bokoto bones all over the streets of gold.The angel said wings were missing,the way leading to heaven is littered with empty beer bottles and many nigerians have refused to wear crowns,saying that they don't fit with their hairstyles.
The lord said "I made them special as i made u my angel.Heaven is home to all my children.If you really want to know problems,let's call the devil"...The devil answered the phone..hello?.....!hold on 1 minute,the devil returned to the phone and said "hello lord,what can i do for you?.
The lord replied,tell me what kind of problems you are having down there,the devil said "wait a minute" and put the lord on hold.After 5 minutes,he returned to the phone and said "ok i'm back,what was your question?".
The lord asked again,tell me,what kind of problems you are having down there....the devil went again and this time,he was gone for 15 minutes.The devil returned and said "i'm sorry lord,I can't talk right now,i have to go settle somethings,these nigerians bribed my guards to put out the fire and are now trying to install air conditioner.......

Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's not time to give up (part 1).

At some points in various journeys we embark on in our lives,we get to a point where we feel like giving up.sometimes we give up even before we start and other times,we give up just when are about making a huge breakthrough that we have been putting so much effort to achieve.
I've been able to put together 11 main reasons why you must not give up now,some other time,we will discuss on the other reasons.Hope someone will get to read this before he/she gives up.
1)As long as you are alive anything is possible.The only valid excuse you have to give up is when you are dead.Why not keep trying until you finally succeed.
2)Be realistic:The chance of mastering something for the first time you do it is almost non-existent.Everything takes time to learn,you will make mistakes,that's no doubt,but try your best possible to learn from your mistakes.
3)You are strong:Yes you are stronger than you think,just one little setback is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals.
4)Prove yourself:You don't want to be known as someone that is weak and gives up easily,so go out there and prove yourself to the world and to yourself-YOU CAN and WILL achieve what you're set out to do.The only time you fail is when you give up.
5)Has it been done before?:If someone else can do it,then you can,even better than the person.Even if it is only one person that have achieved what you have set out to achieve,that alone should be a good reason enough to keep you going.
I hope someone got these very useful,you will rise and shine only if you don't take the option of giving out for the part 2.Stay blessed.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Allowing more prosperity

In order to allow more prosperity and abundance
into your life,you
need to have a
consciousness of
abundance and
prosperity. In
other words, you
need to SEE
abundance and
Scarcity is an
illusion. It is not
the truth of who
you really are
and what you are
capable of. It is
simply a misdirected
thought, a
perception, a
habit of seeing
the world in a
certain way, a
habit you have
probably been
practicing for a
very long time.
So,in order to
change your life,
you need only to
shift your
Sounds great,
you’re thinking,
but HOW do I do
that? The
answer is
It is all about
do you learn to
play the piano?
One note at a
time,one day at
a time,and
the very same
with Wealth,
Abundance and
Practice! You need to start
noticing how
abundant the
Universe already
is. When you are
out walking,
begin to notice
how lavish
everything is,the
hundreds of
thousands of
profusion of
wildlife and
vastness of the
sky,the opulence
of nature all
around you.The
thousands of
colorful and
flavorful fruits
and vegetables
at your disposal.

Notice! Notice!! Notice!!!
Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!
Sounds silly?
Perhaps,but you
can be serious
and poor,or silly
and rich.
It is always your

Great tips for sustainance this xmas period(4 single guyz only)

Here are few tips dat will help u have a very merry xmas nd as well make it to yr 2012 financially stable nd balanced.
*Flee from Persons with
feminine appearances,
except thy Mum.
*Don't try to make up
with Ex-girl friends,avoid their
calls,pleas from their Best
Friends, Pastors, Imams,
Parents especially their
*Do not smile to
Ladies you meet in the
Banks,Shopping Malls
and other Public Places
where money changes
*Pls keep a very straight face when in a
public transport;
*Don't just make the mistake of laughing at jokes
especially if told by a feminine Personality
beside you.
*Thou shall not plead,run after or solicit to have her back if she walks away from you angrily.
*For those whose girl friends are so smart not
to pick up quarrels with
you;hmmm...try the 'first
to complain method'.
Complain about every
single thing you can think
of....her salty food,her behaviour,
something must get her
upset to start an early
Xmas quarrel.
With these tips, you will
not spend beyond your
means,or get broke
come 2012.

Think positively.

Welcome every morning with a smile.look on the new day as another special gift from your creator,another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday.Be a self starter.let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through the entire day.
Today will never happen again,so why don't you make maximum use of today.Don't waste it with a false start or no start @ all.....YOU WERE NOT BORN TO FAIL.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Funny things Nigerians do.

1)Nigerians love arriving late to an occassion just because they feel others will arrive late too(AFRICAN TIME).
2)Nigerians wear suit nd tie under a very hot weather.
3)More than 90% of the music CD's and cassettes in most nigerian homes are illegal copies.
4)Nigerians like to take food away 4rm parties.
5)Nigerians like talking @ the same time.They don't give each other a chance to state their views.
6)Pot belly in Nigeria is not regarded as obesity but as being rich.
7)Nigerians flash with private number.
8)Nigerians are very loud when talking on the mobile phone.
9)Nigerians wear sun glasses at nyt.
10)Nigerians run in the rain even though they are already wet.
11)Nigerians keep old things.
12)Nigerians keep old news papers.
13)Nigerians answers question with question.
14)Nigerians love to drive the best cars even if they are starving @ home and can't afford to eat.
15)Nigerians use 'o' at the end of everything they say.
16)Nigerians love shortcuts,they hate to follow the normal way of doing things.
17)Nigerians love cheap,free things(AWUUF).
18)Nigerians love to crush their chicken and fish bones.
19)Nigerians eat their meat b4 or after eating the meal.
20)Nigerian mums especially would force you to eat even though you are not hungry.
21)Nigerian homes always have a cane very close.
22)Nigerians can quarrel anytime,anywhere.
23)The first thing nigerians will learn in another language is abuse.
24)Every nigerian parent came 1st when they were in school.
25)Nigerian parents compare their kids to other kids who are well behaved,neat.
26)In nigeria movies,the sound track of the movie is playing r'n'b,the actors nd actresses are dancing makossa.
27)Nigerians love to invite people to the occassion they were invited to.
28)Nigerians love listening to noise nd they call it music.
29)Nigerians borrow from you and waits until you ask them for it b4 they return it.
30)Nigerian mums remind you that they carried your pregnancy for 9 months when you refuse to go on errands for them.
31)Nigerians will tell you they are coming while they are going.
32)Nigerians see you wake up in the morning and still ask you 'u don wake?'.
33)Nigerians see u washing your clothes and still ask you 'u dey wash?'........hope u enjoyed it...UP NAIJA.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

30 lies of the Devil you must not believe.(4 guyz)

As a young man that is looking forward to a bright and greater tomorrow,you are advised not to listen to the following lies of the devil;
*The best way a lady can show she loves you is to allow you to have sex with her.
*If you do not have multiple sex partners,you are missing in actions
*Everybody is doing it,why not you?
*If you have nnt had sex yet,you are not a big guy.
*You need to test whether a woman is good in bed before you marry her.
*Once you are sure you will marry each other,you can start having sex.
*If boys are not having sex,it causes stomach ache.
*Abortion is just a removal of does not involve life because life starts at birth.
*The best way to test a lady's love is through sex.
*A good sex life is all that is needed for a good marriage.
*Once cannot lead to HIV/AIDS.
*One time sex cannot lead to pregnancy.
*Sex builds love,to seal your love,have sex...lie!.
*Masturbation is not a sin,at least you feel good about it,and you are not hurting anybody.
*The best way to prevent HIV/AIDS is by using condom.
*My friends are my best advisers.
*To be protected in school,you need to join a cult....lie!.
*If you don't drink alcohol,you are not enjoying life.
*If you want to be bold and courageous,take drugs.
*Abstinence from sex during courtship makes it look dry and uninteresting.
*Your parents are old fashioned,never listen to the advice they offer.
*As long as two of you have agreed to have sex,go ahead and have it.
*The right for you to have sex is when you feel ready.
*My girlfriend is too neat and beautiful,she cannot have STD.
*If my girlfriend has STD,she will tell me.
*If you dont have sex with your girlfriend you will lose her.
*Couples who cohabit have a lower rate of divorce because they have been able to prove that they are compatible.
*Only dirty people get STD.
*Monogamous sex means having sex with only one person at a time.
*Very few people have STDs........I do hope that with this few lies of the devil that i've been able to pen down,a vast majority of d guyz today will not still fall victim of the evil bait of the devil.......Stay blessed.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Stupid husband

A man went to the doctor and the doctor told him he had only 24hrs to live,he went back home to tell his wife and after they had a long cry over it,he asked her if she would have sex with him because he only had 24hrs to live.
'of course darling',she replied and so they had sex.4hrs later,they were already lying in bed and he turned to her again and said "you know i only have 20hrs to live,do you think we could do it again?". Again,she responded very sympathetically and agreed to have sex.
Another 8hrs passed and she had fallen asleep from exhaustion,he tapped her on the shoulder and asked her again, "you know dear,i only have 12 more hrs left,how about again for the old times sake?.By this time,she was getting a little annoyed but reluctantly agreed.
After they finished,she went back to sleep and 4hrs later,he tapped her on the shoulder again and said "dear,you know i hate bothering you,but i have only 8hrs left before i die,can we do it one more time?
Well,she turned to him and said "you are not going to wake up tomorrow morning,but i am,so let me rest.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Divine strength

"The lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of zion,rule thou in the midst of thine enemies.psalms 110:2"
Every progress made is a proof of resistance overcame.No one ever makes impact without strength;influence in life is about the exhibition of strength in one form or the other.some people have become influential because of knowledge;others because of wealth.There are still others that have become known in life because of the force of failure trailing their lives.My prayer for you is that the world will know you for good and not for evil in jesus name.
One of the prayers you should pray is for God to daily send the rod of strength to you.power,which is a version of strength is needed to live a daily life of fulfilment.Many add days to their lives without adding life to their days.For you,as from today,God will add life to your days in jesus name.
When God sends the rod of your strength,adversity becomes the strength of the lord,challenges becomes success ladder to you.Nothing stops the man operating with the strength of God from making progress! No wonder the bible says,'rule thou in the midst of thine enemies'.As from today,when enemies surround you to stop you from making progress,their shoulders will become your riser in jesus name.......hope you've been blessed? God bless you.

8th year anniversary.

Wow...we fank God 4 his mercies 2wards us throughout the past 8 years,he's been so faithful nd has kept on fulfilling his promises over RCCG Rhema assembly.This week,from the 14th of november,we commenced the programme themed HIGHER HEIGHT and it has been glorious,by tomorrow the 20th of november we will be celebrating the grand finale of the 8th year anniversary of our church....isn't God so gracious to us???

Thursday, 17 November 2011


*see it
*believe you can achieve it
*keep saying to yourself
*pray about it
*prepare yourself to achieve it
*keep friends that have similar focus
*read books