Monday, 28 November 2011

Nigerians in heaven (joke).

Angel gabriel came to the lord looking very angry."I have to talk to you sir,i have some nigerians up here in heaven who are causing serious problems".
Gabriel described how the nigerians swing on the pearly gates,have spilled maggi sauce and ogbono soup all over the angel's robes and scattered isi-ewu,bokoto bones all over the streets of gold.The angel said wings were missing,the way leading to heaven is littered with empty beer bottles and many nigerians have refused to wear crowns,saying that they don't fit with their hairstyles.
The lord said "I made them special as i made u my angel.Heaven is home to all my children.If you really want to know problems,let's call the devil"...The devil answered the phone..hello?.....!hold on 1 minute,the devil returned to the phone and said "hello lord,what can i do for you?.
The lord replied,tell me what kind of problems you are having down there,the devil said "wait a minute" and put the lord on hold.After 5 minutes,he returned to the phone and said "ok i'm back,what was your question?".
The lord asked again,tell me,what kind of problems you are having down there....the devil went again and this time,he was gone for 15 minutes.The devil returned and said "i'm sorry lord,I can't talk right now,i have to go settle somethings,these nigerians bribed my guards to put out the fire and are now trying to install air conditioner.......

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