Saturday, 19 November 2011

Divine strength

"The lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of zion,rule thou in the midst of thine enemies.psalms 110:2"
Every progress made is a proof of resistance overcame.No one ever makes impact without strength;influence in life is about the exhibition of strength in one form or the other.some people have become influential because of knowledge;others because of wealth.There are still others that have become known in life because of the force of failure trailing their lives.My prayer for you is that the world will know you for good and not for evil in jesus name.
One of the prayers you should pray is for God to daily send the rod of strength to you.power,which is a version of strength is needed to live a daily life of fulfilment.Many add days to their lives without adding life to their days.For you,as from today,God will add life to your days in jesus name.
When God sends the rod of your strength,adversity becomes the strength of the lord,challenges becomes success ladder to you.Nothing stops the man operating with the strength of God from making progress! No wonder the bible says,'rule thou in the midst of thine enemies'.As from today,when enemies surround you to stop you from making progress,their shoulders will become your riser in jesus name.......hope you've been blessed? God bless you.

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