Friday, 25 November 2011

Funny things Nigerians do.

1)Nigerians love arriving late to an occassion just because they feel others will arrive late too(AFRICAN TIME).
2)Nigerians wear suit nd tie under a very hot weather.
3)More than 90% of the music CD's and cassettes in most nigerian homes are illegal copies.
4)Nigerians like to take food away 4rm parties.
5)Nigerians like talking @ the same time.They don't give each other a chance to state their views.
6)Pot belly in Nigeria is not regarded as obesity but as being rich.
7)Nigerians flash with private number.
8)Nigerians are very loud when talking on the mobile phone.
9)Nigerians wear sun glasses at nyt.
10)Nigerians run in the rain even though they are already wet.
11)Nigerians keep old things.
12)Nigerians keep old news papers.
13)Nigerians answers question with question.
14)Nigerians love to drive the best cars even if they are starving @ home and can't afford to eat.
15)Nigerians use 'o' at the end of everything they say.
16)Nigerians love shortcuts,they hate to follow the normal way of doing things.
17)Nigerians love cheap,free things(AWUUF).
18)Nigerians love to crush their chicken and fish bones.
19)Nigerians eat their meat b4 or after eating the meal.
20)Nigerian mums especially would force you to eat even though you are not hungry.
21)Nigerian homes always have a cane very close.
22)Nigerians can quarrel anytime,anywhere.
23)The first thing nigerians will learn in another language is abuse.
24)Every nigerian parent came 1st when they were in school.
25)Nigerian parents compare their kids to other kids who are well behaved,neat.
26)In nigeria movies,the sound track of the movie is playing r'n'b,the actors nd actresses are dancing makossa.
27)Nigerians love to invite people to the occassion they were invited to.
28)Nigerians love listening to noise nd they call it music.
29)Nigerians borrow from you and waits until you ask them for it b4 they return it.
30)Nigerian mums remind you that they carried your pregnancy for 9 months when you refuse to go on errands for them.
31)Nigerians will tell you they are coming while they are going.
32)Nigerians see you wake up in the morning and still ask you 'u don wake?'.
33)Nigerians see u washing your clothes and still ask you 'u dey wash?'........hope u enjoyed it...UP NAIJA.

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