Saturday, 26 November 2011

Great tips for sustainance this xmas period(4 single guyz only)

Here are few tips dat will help u have a very merry xmas nd as well make it to yr 2012 financially stable nd balanced.
*Flee from Persons with
feminine appearances,
except thy Mum.
*Don't try to make up
with Ex-girl friends,avoid their
calls,pleas from their Best
Friends, Pastors, Imams,
Parents especially their
*Do not smile to
Ladies you meet in the
Banks,Shopping Malls
and other Public Places
where money changes
*Pls keep a very straight face when in a
public transport;
*Don't just make the mistake of laughing at jokes
especially if told by a feminine Personality
beside you.
*Thou shall not plead,run after or solicit to have her back if she walks away from you angrily.
*For those whose girl friends are so smart not
to pick up quarrels with
you;hmmm...try the 'first
to complain method'.
Complain about every
single thing you can think
of....her salty food,her behaviour,
something must get her
upset to start an early
Xmas quarrel.
With these tips, you will
not spend beyond your
means,or get broke
come 2012.

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