Thursday, 24 November 2011

30 lies of the Devil you must not believe.(4 guyz)

As a young man that is looking forward to a bright and greater tomorrow,you are advised not to listen to the following lies of the devil;
*The best way a lady can show she loves you is to allow you to have sex with her.
*If you do not have multiple sex partners,you are missing in actions
*Everybody is doing it,why not you?
*If you have nnt had sex yet,you are not a big guy.
*You need to test whether a woman is good in bed before you marry her.
*Once you are sure you will marry each other,you can start having sex.
*If boys are not having sex,it causes stomach ache.
*Abortion is just a removal of does not involve life because life starts at birth.
*The best way to test a lady's love is through sex.
*A good sex life is all that is needed for a good marriage.
*Once cannot lead to HIV/AIDS.
*One time sex cannot lead to pregnancy.
*Sex builds love,to seal your love,have sex...lie!.
*Masturbation is not a sin,at least you feel good about it,and you are not hurting anybody.
*The best way to prevent HIV/AIDS is by using condom.
*My friends are my best advisers.
*To be protected in school,you need to join a cult....lie!.
*If you don't drink alcohol,you are not enjoying life.
*If you want to be bold and courageous,take drugs.
*Abstinence from sex during courtship makes it look dry and uninteresting.
*Your parents are old fashioned,never listen to the advice they offer.
*As long as two of you have agreed to have sex,go ahead and have it.
*The right for you to have sex is when you feel ready.
*My girlfriend is too neat and beautiful,she cannot have STD.
*If my girlfriend has STD,she will tell me.
*If you dont have sex with your girlfriend you will lose her.
*Couples who cohabit have a lower rate of divorce because they have been able to prove that they are compatible.
*Only dirty people get STD.
*Monogamous sex means having sex with only one person at a time.
*Very few people have STDs........I do hope that with this few lies of the devil that i've been able to pen down,a vast majority of d guyz today will not still fall victim of the evil bait of the devil.......Stay blessed.

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