Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"Why we did not kill obasanjo"-Boko haram.

Information recently
made available through a high
ranking contact
within the
structure of the
terrorist Islamic
group, Boko Haram
reveals unnerving
revelations regarding
the recent attacks
on Kano, Bauchi State
– and the aborted
attack of September
15, 2011 visit by
former President of
the federal republic
of Nigeria, General
Olusegun Aremu
Obasanjo to the
home of the in-law
of the slain leader of
the Boko Haram,
Babakura Fuggu in
Borno State.
It was gathered that
the leader of Boko
Haram, Imam
Abubakar Shekau
who is currently
hiding away in
Qoundere, Cameroun
following the recent
and ongoing attacks
on Kano and Bauchi
State – had
deliberated seriously
on the assassination
of the former
president of Nigeria,
General Obasanjo on
September 15, 2011
while on a visit to
Borno State to the
home of the in-law
to the slain leader of
Boko Haram [Ustaz
Mohammed Yusuf].
According to the
Boko Haram source,
former President
Obasanjo had made
first contact with
Yusuf's in-lawal,
Babakura Fuggu
[eldest son of
Yusuf's in-law] in
early September
2011 concerning
opening a channel of
dialogue with the
terrorist group.
The leadership of the
group took it uneasy
with the choice of
Babakura – [since the
line of leadership did
not automatically
follow family lineage
as in traditional
settings. As a
'religious' group they
did not see Babakura
as the rightful person
to take over from
Yusuf.] - For this
reason, the
leadership of the
group 'silently'
objected to the
meeting between
Babakura and
As Obasanjo
concluded his secret
meeting the previous
day at the Green
House with three
other religious group
[Jamatu Nasir Islam,
JNI and CAN] in Jos,
the capital of Plateau
State on the
Wednesday of
September 14, 2011,
and took off the
following day to
Borno State, the
terrorist group,
according to the
source, marked the
former President
within their 'firing
range' from the
moment he landed in
Borno State at
minutes after 11am
till he departed the
State in the late
afternoon of the
same day.
According to the
source, "we were not
sure of him. He was
going to be a big
catch" said the
source who explained
that the leadership
halted the operation
as Obasanjo went
inside the residence
of Babakura.
"Obasanjo was good
to us. We had no
problem with
Obasanjo. We had
him. We could have
taken him out", as he
recalled that the
sharia movement
took off during the
period when
Obasanjo was
"The problem started
during the late
President Yar'Adua
regime. Goodluck only
inherited the problem.
We have no problem
with Goodluck. But his
Ijaw people around
him are deceiving
Interestingly, the
Boko Haram source
who spoke in fluent
English with a slight
American accent
explained the decision
to 'finish' Babakura
Fuggu came due to
what transpired
between Obasanjo
and Babakura.
"We learnt he asked
for money". Babakura
requested on behalf
of Boko Haram
monies to enable the
group defray
litigation costs and
other minor financial
requests which the
leadership of Boko
Haram considered
menial and
The wife, Yakolo,
was said to have
received money from
the former president
to the tuned of
N500,000. Babakura
Fuggu was gunned
down on September
17, 2012 as he exited
his home by his
younger brother in
the company of
other young men
dressed in reddish-
orange babarigas
each armed with
AK47s – just barely
forty eight [48] hours
following the visit of
former President

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