Saturday, 28 January 2012

What's your opinion?....which is mostly consumed in Nigeria? Rice or Garri.


Its the battle between two mostly consumed dishes,rice and garri.I was all alone when this topic suddenly crossed my mind and i just felt that i should post for people to share their opinions.Cassava flakes,widely known in Nigeria as 'Garri'.A very fast food commonly consumed either by being soaked in cold water with sugar,groundnuts,'kuli kuli',coconuts and even dry can also be prepared in hot water to make what we all know as 'Eba'.Garri is so common because it has no stress.students who are just returning from lectures and are too weak to cook settle for garri,labourers who are working on sites settle for garri,when all foodstuffs must have finished at home,garri must be left.Now we can see how common this food is.infact virtually 95% of Nigerians take garri.On the other hand,rice,another very common food in Nigeria and even the world at large.As a matter of fact,it is the most important staple food for a large part of the world's human
population.Rice can be prepared in several ways as you like it;jollof rice,fried rice,ofada is mostly prepared in gatherings like birthday parties,naming ceremonies,wedding ceremonies.Now,what's your own opinion on this topic,which is most consumed.
Guys,feel free to post your comments below,it's now very simple....


Anonymous said...

Garri is very important because a lazy man can prepare garri at any time

Ayobami Okediji "brainybamz" said...

yeh,dats 2ru anyway,buh i chose rice...coz,ryc iz universaly recognizd,wah dhu u fink?