Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Are you being violated?

Hello world,this is a story I deemed it fit to post because of the rampant cases of rape of children and teenagers to serve as reminder to parents on the need to watch their daughters and for the ladies themselves to be extra careful.I really do hope that girls out there would come across this.Read and learn....

Being an only child,Esther was showered with love and affection by her parents.whatever she asked for,she received.Although friends and relatives often complained that the couple were over-indulging and pampering their daughter,Esther's parents felt that nothing was too much for their princess.When Esther clocked six,however,things took a drastic turn in their household.This was due to the fact that Esther's mother packed out of her matrimonial home when she heard that one of her husband mistresses had been delivered of a bouncing baby boy.Shortly after Esther's mother's departure,the new woman moved in and started mal-treating her step daughter.
Esther had to put up with her step mother's ill-treatment until two years later when her mother who had recently remarried came to pick her.
Esther was very happy to leave her father's house,she moved in with her mother's new family with the hope that all would be well.Six months after moving into her new home,her mother's step son,Charles,who was in an higher institution of learning in the East came home because of ASUU strike.Charles,the older of four children,all boys,told his step mother that he was glad to have a step sister.As a result,he was always buying things for Esther and helping her with her home work.Esther's mother was happy to see her step son treat her daughter as if she were his blood sister.Charles was so caring and attentive to Esther that no outsider would suspect that they were not born of the same parents.
One day,the family decided to go out for a treat.As they were about to leave,Esther complained of stomach ache,the step father was about to call off the trip when Charles volunteered to stay at home to look after Esther.since the two had always been best of friends,the parents did not think twice before agreeing to Charles' suggestion that the others should go while he stayed to take care of her.Before leaving,however,Esther was given some drugs and was asked to rest.
After sleeping for an hour,Esther woke up and feeling relieved,went in search of "brother Charles" as she fondly calls him.She found him watching film in the sitting room.Charles asked his step sister to join him on the couch,she did as she was told,Charles who was watching a blue film drew her to him,put his hands under her panties and started fingering her.
Esther shouted "Brother Charles,what are you doing? Leave me alone,I will tell mum and dad".Charles replied,"i am only playing with you.Relax,so that you too can enjoy what i am doing.I will buy you whatever you want if you promise not to tell anybody.But if you do,nobody will believe you and you will be sent back to your wicked step mother".
Esther was scared but she could not do anything after that.When Charles finished,he told her to go inside,take a bath and change to a new dress.He took her to a fast food in the neighbourhood and bought her ice cream and snacks.When others came back,Esther could not tell them what transpired in their absence because she did not want to go back to her father's house.Though Charles did not stop abusing her sexually,she never uttered a word to anybody but kept it all locked inside.She continued to suffer in silence until she gained admission into one of the unity schools in the South West.
Being a brilliant girl,Esther was loved by all her teachers.The school's counsellor was however her favourite among them all.Esther summoned up courage and confided in the woman.It was this woman who sent for Esther's mother and told her of how her daughter had beem sexually abused over the years by her step brother.To say that Esther's mother was not devastated was would be an understatement.She could not believe that her poor daughter had been carring such an heavy burden on her small shoulders.The counsellor adviced Esther's mother to make sure that Charles and his step sister never sleep under the same roof so as to avoid a re-occurence.
Many of these young girls are being sexually abused on a regular basis by people who are very close to them indeed.The abuse is often carried out by these children's uncles,cousins,step brothers,teachers,neighbour and even househelps.
The abusers who often intimidate their victims into keeping quiet always get away with the evil deed.It is the victims who are left with permanent scars.By bottling up their emotions,victims can suffer from any of the following; anxiety,depression,addiction,cancer,promiscuity and sexual problems.remember,there are many depraved men out there,do not allow them to destroy your future.
Yes,i've come to the end,hope you really grabbed something....stay blessed.

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