Monday, 12 December 2011

Ayobamz in year 2011.

Good day everyone,I'm Ijeoma Nwabudike,the host of this interview and right here with me is the owner of this great blog,Okediji Ayobami.He's going to be giving us details on how year 2011 has been for him.

Hijay:So can we meet you?.

Ayobami:Yes thank you ijeoma,i'm Ayobami Okediji by name,but most of my friends prefer calling me Ayobamz.

Hijay:Please,can you introduce yourself so the readers can understand you better?

Ayobami:Alright,i'm Okediji Ayobami as i've earlier said,i'm dark in complexion,a very interesting guy,no dull moments with me,trust me.I'm a christian and hail from Osun state,Nigeria.

Hijay:Ok,that's better,so tell us how you started this year.

Ayobami:wow wow,year 2011 started on a good note especially academically.I was admitted into OAU for predegree and I was happy that I wasn't going to stay at home for a year,entertained with boredom and all that.I will say this year started well and glory be to God,its already rolling out.

Hijay:Hmm,thank God,we are moving forward,so can you share some of your PD experiences with us?

Ayobami:Hahaha,that's a whole lot of story but I will try my best to give the summary of the summary.Hmmm,let me first start by saying,pd was fun,I mean real fun.The first day I arrived at the campus,I wasn't really comfortable,reason being that,it was the first time of leaving my parents to go that far.I was in Adeniji hostel where I met guyz from different background,I mean the good,bad and the ugly,the hostel was hell at first but I just got used to it since I knew that I was going to be with them for nine solid months.Another aspect I didn't really love was the cooking thing.I didn't really like cooking then,but I also had to get used to the system and I too started cooking different kind of 'concortions',i'm sure you know these guyz concortion now,so I don't need to go much into that.Yes!,one other experience I had was waking up early inorder to beat 8 o'clock lectures.I loved sleep then,that I must confess,and I didn't know that it was going to be like that until I got to campus.But one funny thing was that,on the first day of lectures,I woke up very early,you know it was my first time of seeing a lecturer,that one continued for like a week.But later,if it wasn't 9 o'clock,ha,I won't get up from my bed,let alone going for lectures.I really stabbed classes.But today i'm giving glory to God,i'm done with pd with smiles all over my face.

Hijay:hmm,I enjoyed it,you really had fun in that your pd,ehn ehn,if i could recollect,you sed,it was your first time of leaving your parents to go that far,so where do you reside?

Ayobami:I stay at kubwa Abuja,Nigeria.

Hijay:Wow!Abuja,anyway its your choice,so why did you choose OAU?

Ayobami:Well,OAU is a good school,i've heard it and even experienced it,that was where my dad attended,so he knows people there...I'll stop there,that's a story for another day.

Hijay:Ok o,apart from school stuffs,what other kind of experiences did you have this year.

Ayobami:yes,I think I've stepped up from being flogged to being corrected orally,won't say much about that..hahahaha,and another is that I got to know how to socialize with people most especially know,I had a lot of them around,but i'll say it was fun,believe me,yes.

Hijay:Now lets move to bad experiences.

Ayobami:Ehem,most of my bad experiences were in pd of which i would just say one.My pd result for the first and second contacts were not really good,so my dad wasn't happy with me atall,he said that I shouldn't waste his #135,000,i felt bad myself.Well,apart from this,others were funny experiences,we had to jump the fence,crawl in the bush at night,wow,I promise to do justice to that another time.

Hijay:You said,your school fees was #135,000.

Ayobami:Yes,couldn't believe it initially.

Hijay:wow,dats outrageous!

Ayobami:Yes,it is,it's increasing by the year,I even heard this year's set are paying #152,500,so you see,but I really hope OAU gets something to do about that.

Hijay:OK,I really hope so,yes,we are gradually ending,year 2011 is wrapping up,so what are your plans for the new year.

Ayobami:My plans,I do hope I'm given my course (mechanical engineering).I plan to study very hard to make better grades,and I also want to learn at least one instrument perfectly and yes,i also want to be engaged in more kingdom services,I mean win more souls,that's the ultimate now.I want to be God's best ally and I know that's well attainable.

Hijay:You said you want to learn one instrument,so which preferably?

Ayobami:The guitar,I love guitars so much and I want to be perfect in it.

Hijay:wow,that's good and I wish you all the best.

Ayobami:Thank you.

Hijay:So what will you say to your friends out there?

Ayobami:Love you all,hope you all enjoyed year 2011,may the God that saw you through hitherto,preserve you to year 2012.A big thank you to all Adenijites and love and peace family,you guyz are the bomb.