Sunday, 4 December 2011

Speak life through praise.

It is loving to know that God loves everyone who gives him quality praise from the depth of the heart.No matter the situation you are going through,give God praise.Always know that when challenges come,positive thinking through praise takes you to the next level.
It doesn't matter where you are today,God has marked out a colourful future for you,don't sell off to sorrow,and don't give in to broken heartedness,everything that looks like a downward trend today is an upward thrust in disguise.That situation that looks like a stumbling block today is only a stepping stone to your next level of glory.
It takes the understanding of knowing who our God and saviour is to you for you to give him praise that is due to him whem in distress.Have this in mind that the greatest obstacle facing you in life will never require more than praise to become a miracle.If you are not thankful,you cannot be praiseful,you must first be thankful before you can be joyful and you must be joyful before you can praise,otherwise your praise becomes mere noise.
Everytime you smell confusion around you,switch on to praise and you will receive light from heaven that will show you the way out. Praise is it!You always enjoy dramatic triumphs in praise because God is there and because of His presence,He also executes judgement,wrought vengeance,and eradicate mourning.It is an end-time preserve of the saints and also a mystery(isaiah 61:1-3)which delivers into your hands end-time victories.
Always give praise no matter what the situation is because it is not over,speak life through praise.

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