Monday, 19 December 2011

Don't sell ur dream.

Jehdi and Hassan were two
merchants who were very
close friends. Jehdi was a
cheerful person, almost
frivolous, whereas Hassan
was very serious, perhaps
too cautious and careful. But
an unbreakable bond of
friendship tied them together
and this made their journey
for business happy, for they
never had any dispute.
One time they started
together toward the city of
They arrived at the
outskirts of a forest where
the big trees, moist rocks
and cool shade invited them
to take a well-deserved
rest. Within a minute Jehdi
fell asleep.
Hassan looked at his friend
with a sigh and told himself,
"He sleeps peacefully in
nature, as if he were in his
own house. I am afraid of
someone robbing me. Even
though the thief might get
very little, I am too
apprehensive and I prefer to
be cautious. After all, one
never knows what might
Hassan was ruminating over
his anxiety when suddenly
he saw a wasp coming out of
Jehdi's left nostril. Its
enigmatic dance surprised
him. It flew toward a single
pine tree standing on a rock,
circled the tree 3 times, and
then returned to the sleeping
Jehdi and disappeared into
his right nostril.
Just at that moment Jehdi
woke up, sat up laughing and
said, "Hassan, you will never
believe me. I just had a
marvelous dream. Just
imagine that there is big pine
tree standing on a high rock,
exactly like the one you see
there. A wasp droned around
the trunk and its wings
buzzed as if to say, "You
must dig in this place, you
must dig in this place!" I
started digging and I found a
big pot full of gold coins. I
have never in my life seen
so much money...!"
"Yes, truly it is a strange
dream," replied Hassan. "If I
were in your place, I would
have dug around the pine
tree there."
"My poor friend, how na?ve
you are. I would never take
a dream seriously. It is so
hot here, to dig would be
torture! Please, let us
continue our journey.."
But Hassan insisted, "Jehdi,
a dream like this surely has
a meaning. If you do not want
to dig, I will try instead. Do
you know what I propose to
you? Sell your dream to me."
Jehdi began laughing loudly.
"This is a good piece of
business for me! How much
will you pay?"
"You have said that there is
a big pile of gold coins. I am
your friend and I do not want
to wrong you. You tell me
how much you estimate to be
the price of your dream."
After a brief discussion, they
agreed to the sum of 300
"Never have I made such a
business deal. So much
money for a simple dream of
no value. How gullible you
are, Hassan!"
The 2 friends then went
under the pine tree which the
wasp had shown in the
dream. Jehdi was amused to
see Hassan perspiring
profusely and breaking his
back with the shovel. He
continued on until the shovel
made a dull sound as if it had
struck something hard.
What a surprise for the 2
merchants when they
uncovered an earthen pot
full of gold coins! Before
breaking it, Hassan noted an
inscription near the handle:
"the first of seven."
"The first of 7. That means
there should be 6 more pots
buried," Jehdi understood,
starting to regret the deal he
had concluded too quickly.
This time both of them dug
with energy and, sure
enough, they found the 6
pots, one after another,
each one filled to the brim
with gold coins.
Hassan built a huge inn in
the city and named it The
Bulging Pot. He lived as a
rich and satisfied man until
his death.
Jehdi often came to visit him
and greeted his friend with
the words, "Well, Hassan,
how are you? I have come to
see what has happened to
my dream." And the 2
comrades patted each other
on the back laughing. But
every time Jehdi returned
home sadder, for he knew
that he could never buy back
his dream.

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